Anthony Weiner to Ginger Lee: Respect My Package!

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It has come to this for Anthony Weiner: a former porn star has suggested he resign, implying he's a sexual deviant who sent lewd messages to a woman who never asked for them.

Earlier today, reporters gathered for a press conference in which Ginger Lee once again said Weiner encouraged her to help him cover it his Twitter scandal.

"He asked me to lie about our communication," Lee said, with Gloria Allred by her side. "I think that Anthony Weiner should resign because he lied to the public and the press for more than a week."

Lee claims she never sexted Weiner and never reciprocated when he sent such Tweets as "My package and I are not going to beg..." and "You aren't giving my package due credit."

Allred referred to her client as a "featured dancer," said Lee has undergone emotional distress over the last few weeks and confirmed she would cooperate in any House ethics investigation.

"If asked to testify, she will testify truthfully," Allred said. "And she will provide all of her communications to and from the congressman to the committee.”

On June 1, Weiner told Wolf Blitzer, in reference to Lee: "I don't know who the woman is. I followed her for a moment. And then someone started Tweeting, oh my goodness, Anthony Weiner is following someone in that industry.”

The very next day, Lee alleges, Weiner instructed her what to say if approached about their relationship.


I've never worked in "the industry," but I've had married men in the D.C. area try this type of stuff with me, too! It seems to be the norm if you're a young professional woman here with a figure. :( It's so pathetic & shameful for their wives and children, especially. And so often, they are very powerful like Weiner and make far more money than I do. They don't get it-NOT interested!! I've found that they usually tend to be Republicans though.


I wouldn't go into the business of fortune telling, if I were you.


I dance too! And guys like Weiner are always around. Yuck! Btw I am a natural 42DD-24-36 with long silky red hair and will be appearing at Rocco's Gentleman Club in Akron, Ohio this weekend. Cmon guys cum one and all (tee hee) and get a load off! Get a woody and get your freak on boys!! Let *Randi rock your world!!!


Like Ginger Lee, I too have worked in the adult industry and am now a very well-paid featured dancer at gentlemen's clubs across the country as well. Unfortunately, I too have encountered men as disgraceful as Weiner and I wish Ginger Lee all the best. Sue his pants off girl for all of us!


The shame and humiliation he has brought to his wife, his parents, Senator Schumer, etc., etc. is just beyond the beyond. Yes, Weiner needs help if there is such help for a person as squalid and pathetic as he. But, he needs to leave Congress before the break of dawn.


A porn star who complimented Weiner's political stances refused to talk dirty with him or consider his "package". It really doesn't get any lower than that.


With Gloria Allred Now on the case,there will be press conferences, and women from other planets claiming to know him, and will use Ms. Allred's services until he throws in the towel!!


Most guns are now aimed at the high flying Secular/Kosher guy from Brooklyn, everybody but his constituents want him grounded. Weiner must appeal to the 700 thousand voters that put him in office. Their loud support will overcome the Pseudo-Moralistic/Jealous Zealots that are trying to shoot him down

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