Anthony Weiner Resigns from Congress, Gets Heckled

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Amidst applause and heckling, Anthony Weiner shamefully resigned from Congress today.

Speaking at the Council Center for Senior Citizens in Brooklyn, in the district he's represented since 1998, the embattled politician had little choice but to leave his post, considering the damaging information that has been pouring out over the last two weeks.

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"Today I announce my resignation, so my colleagues can get back to work and my neighbors choose a new representative," Weiner said at the press conference, apologizing to his friends, constituents and pregnant wife Huma Abedin.

From there, things got uncomfortable.

As Weiner made his announcement, the room erupted in applause. A heckler, Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern Show, also yelled: "Are you more than seven inches?" while another audience member shouted: Get out of here pervert."

When the former Congressman left the room, a final heckler asked: "Will you maintain your hot physique?"

It's enough to almost make you feel bad for the guy.


What is the big deal, most men do this, its tacky but not a crime, Clinton, the Kennedys, Arnold, they all cheat in some way so what, can they do their job that's the issue, most politicians CAN'T that's the real problem, why don't people focus on fixing the economy, ending wars, cleaning the environment instead of this stupid stuff that does not affect our day to day lives, we need JOBS who cares who is doing who?


I'm glad Anthony Weiner got heckled big time by the press. He deserves to be heckled. Anthony Weiner is a big weenie and his reputation is down to zero.


this is a unfortunate situation for everyone involved as for the people to have the nerve to judge you really need to look in the mirror at yourself! I'm sure you have some skeletons in your closet. All the heckling wasn't necessary the tramp she's making money now leaked this story did it for the money&fame it always piss me off with these chick babes how all of a sudden they get a conscience..LOL.. and the public who enjoy this type of circus has the interest of the clowns performance! He'll pay for his behavior as far as I'm concern there was no physical activity his stupid mistake was taking pictures on the internet! He's human like everyone else but because he's a high profile person he has to be humiliated such as what's taken place all men really need to think about the things that they lust after it may just cause you your LIFE!


Ido not feel sorry for weiner he got what he deserved.cheating is cheatig! But remember Vitter the holy Evangelical..has to step down too.No exceptions both bad


No matter what this man did, he did not deserve to be heckled during his resignation speech. We all know that he made a huge mistake, I'm sure he's mortified that he was caught in the act and is unbelievably embarrassed that he has completely screwed up his career and now possibly his family... Why kick a horse when he's down and do that to the man while he's trying to step down as gracefully as he can at this point??? Total Fail on the heckler's part... Hope they escorted him far far away... Got to give Rep. Weiner credit, he didn't respond to it, waited until he was through, then continued his speech... classy (despite his recent behavior) if you ask me...


Only now that asshole realize that he had to resign? Stupid bitch!


Its sad. Basically heres the rule book if u have any evidence like pics or txt msgs ur out... If u just cheat n have no txts or pics u can stay. I dnt think any of the thre major politicans that were caught showing pics of themselves should resign. As far as i have heard he was a good congressman who stood up to big corps.


There has got to be better days ahead for this embattled congressman. To think of all those years that he was a trusted member of Congress, and it all ended today with a press conference, and a "weiner roast."


I don't like Anthony Weiner. I once had the occasion to interact with him and he was a nasty, arrogant and totally conceited individual. I agree with his resignation. That being said, I'll take the lead from the last sentence of this blog posting, "It's enough to almost make you feel bad for the guy." I, for one, did. Nobody deserves that kind of scorn and ridicule when they are apologizing and resigning from office. The hecklers were disgraceful. And, again, I don't like the guy. What I dislike even more, however, is the "vicious glee" demonstrated by those who clearly take great pleasure over the destruction, albeit self-inflicted, of another human being. Too bad they can't resign from the human race.


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