Russell Crowe to Play Jor-El in New Superman Movie?

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Russell Crowe is in the news for a reason other than his belief that circumcision goes against the will of God.

The Oscar-winning actor is in negotiations to play a key role in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot: Jor-El, the biological father of this caped hero.

Crowe, Oscar

Henry Cavill has already signed on to portray Superman, while Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Michael Shannon will also come on board the franchise.

Production on Superman: Man of Steel gets underway next month, as Jor-El is the last major role to be cast. Sean Penn and Clive Owen are also under consideration, insiders say, but it is Crowe's part if he wants it.

Think Crowe is the right fit?


this choice was a good one and the cast seems talented. just have a solid storyline. please.


superman returns was a fucking disaster. you might of well as casted elton john as lex. kevin spacey was like a twink as luthor and you wanted to see lois die as kate bosworth is a joke as a actress! and superman has a son. give me a fucking break! and can we get a superman who actually has charisma like reeve.


No wonder Krypton smells like smegma!


Yes he will be the best superman. No Jor El is not cut as with super streanth his dick can not be cut. Also the advanced people of Krypton do not cut!


I thought Jor-El was circumsized?


They also got the wrong person playing " superman".They should have tom welling from smallville playing the role as superman. I watch the show for 10 years . He plays the best superman I hate ever seen . Next to christopher reed! For the voice of jor-el you should use morgan freeman or sean connery. Don't let me get started about superman returns the lead role played superman look like Pedifile

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