Russell Crowe on Circumcision: Barbaric, Anti-God!

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Celebrities are all up in God's business these days.

First, Gwyneth Paltrow wondered if the bible truly preached intolerance against homosexuals.

Now, Russell Crowe is speaking up for the Big Guy Himself and asking about circumcision: What the heck, people?!?

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“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid," the Oscar winner Tweeted yesterday. "Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect. I will always stand for the perfection of babies, i will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires."

And if you disagree with Crowe? If you dare take a scalpel to your child's private part?

"Unfollow and f-ck off," the actor wrote. "I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism."

At least he's a man who stands up for his convictions, we guess. What do you think? Circumcision is...



The 4skin has 16 functions that we know of, is half+ of the penile covering, has 65%-85% of the most erogenous receptors. So, tell me their isn't a plan. Really?! Now tell me, a guy doesn't want 75% more sexual receptors or wants half of his d*ck gone.
Circumcision, Penile Reduction, Genital Cutting, Genital Scarification, Genital Mutilation, it all sexually handicaps.
(for most their ability to multi orgasm with ejac (7x over 12 minutes with the same erection) and full body O's is severely limited or gone. CAN-FAP demonstrated video showed this multi 5 orgasmic ability using only each of the 5 most sensitive parts cut off by circumcision.
( see my facebook 'Notes' for all my circ / intact refs )


Anyone who advocates male circumcision for cleanliness is advocating it for women as well, since they produce/retain more smegma than men, and by cutters' logic should have their clit hood and minor labia sliced away. (Think about that - women in these comments are lending support to the mutilation of their own genitals.)
Cutting off part of your body has nothing to do with hygiene. Washing with soap and water does. Genital cutting is a silly tribal ritual that would not exist if it wasn't forced on unconsenting infants, who then grow up and feel compelled to keep this cultish blood rite going by carving their own children's private parts as well.
If you believe universal mutilation is better than universal bathing, you're gross. And if you believe a parent has a right to slice live parts from his or her child, you're a disgrace.


Maybe you're religious, maybe you're not. But you have to admit that having a ceremony in which the main event is cutting off part of a baby's penis is fucking weird.

@ Dresden

Wall of Flesh - the infant gets isolated doesn't get the instinctual protection of the parents by a wall of flesh being handed away through 7 pairs of hands in Jewish circ. , the mother goes off to another room with the women. In hospital circ they actually use the sound isolating walls away in another room and return the pain comatose sleeping child.


@Tara..... all men, uncircumcised or circumcised, should clean their genitals everytime they take shower, like they clean their other body parts, and also after having sex. If neccesary, before having sex is also OK. Perhaps uncircumsed men just need about 10 seconds longer than circumcised men to clean their genitals because they need to clean the foreskin, but circumcised men can't get all the benefits of the foreskin anymore......., forever. Sure, God knows much much more than everyone in this world about human body and the life, and God has designed foreskin for all men.


Uncircumcised men need to clean their junk before intimacy....some women may know what I'm talking about. Circumcision is for cleanliness purposes, its not anti-god, and its also a personal choice of the parent to have it performed on the infant. Also, God is neither for or against your bible!

@ Tara

I've found that intact men tend to do a better job cleaning themselves down there than cut American guys, probably because they don't live under the delusion that being circumcised makes you "cleaner." I'm gay and with the experienced age 56. Likewise I hope you clean your drapes too.

@ Frank+McGinness

And when intact males have 75% more erogenous receptors, they will clean well, really well. Nudge nudge wink wink. In our society that pushes circumcision and vilify's the foreskin, father's have lost the knowledge to teach their sons to use a drop of baby oil which prevents any smell if so desired. Smell is the pheromones in the foreskin. What you don't like? Everyone is different. I Like.


---Crowe needs to circumscise his connections
to the Fabian elite sellout of Australia, andf the
world to Globalist RED China 'EUGENICS realism'


Don't you know that after puberty ages, foreskin can be retracted back without any pain? This is an incridible mechanism of the human body to give enough skin for the penis shaft when erection happened. Foreskin also play role in giving sexual pleasures during sexual intercourse.


I would not outlaw circumcision, but I do find it barbaric
and for the women who find a foreskin nasty, go check out David again

@ Fitz

Foreskin also allows cumming "handsfree". By docking or doing Kegal while hard (as the glans gets bigger each clinch, it retracts the foreskin a bit each time. This bitty amount of going back ad forth is enough for orgasm. The same amount a guy needs to his place while his woman holds him so tight he can't move is pelvis much. Cut guy have to sometime start over after the lady O's.


---The long ago promising, NOW 'on board' Russell Crowe,
releasing his latest Tavistock Institute apporved --'controversy'. Meanwhile NOT A PEEP about the Globalist-RED China TREASON op
that's swallowing Australia ---or about the unfolding 'EUGENICS
realism' worldwide.


@Been w/ both... Babies born with cleft lip? That's abnormality.
Babies with abnormalities come from wrong process or mistakes from their parents. But, babies with foreskin? That's totally normal. That is God's design for human body. God is the designer of human body. God knows much much more than everyone in this world about human body and the life. And God gives all men foreskin.

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