Henry Cavill Named New Superman

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Henry Cavill?

The British actor, best known for his role of Charles Brandon in The Tudors, has landed the coveted role of Superman in that franchise's next installment.

Warner Brothers will release a reboot of the Man of Steel at some point in the next couple years. It will be directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. Says Snider of the choice:

"In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield."

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FAG OF STEEL????!!!!???? NO HOMO, NO BRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that is a guy I wouldn't mind seeing in tights. Perfect choice for Superman even if the franchise is getting worn out. He didn't get enough praise on the Tudors, what with Natalie Dormer outshining him as Anne Boleyn but fingers crossed this film will change all that. Unless they cast Natalie as Lois Lane that is.


yes yes yes henry cavill for Superman role because He is Superman!!! :))


I don't think Snyder or Warner's had any problem with Routh, after all, he did a fantastic job with such a bad script in Superman Returns.
The only reason they would not have cast him again, is that he would have been carrying the tag of the last film with him, and they want to start all over again.
In order to start something new, new faces must be brought in.
None the less, it's a formidable line up: Nolan 'Godfathering', Goyer and Nolan writing, Snyder directing. It's bound to be an amazing project, and congratulations must go to Henry Cavill, who must feel right now that he is truly, living the dream.
Now maybe everyone can finally shut up about Tom Welling.
There are many threads arguing that Superman needs to be a great actor. What a load of rubbish. Last time I checked, nobody ever got nominated for an Oscar for portraying a character who, effectively, is so one dimensional. He wears tights. He flies. He barely has any emotion. Not a role which requires a Brando.


Tom Welling passed up again?


The last choice for superman is a perfect choice as a replacement. I think the superman franchise is making a strategic move in order to correct and protect the characters who are portraying the role. This will avoid the actor of being branded their whole lives as "Superman" similar to what happened to Mr. Reeves, but i don't think this is more of a positive remark than a negative one. Brandon is cool and a right choice. He has the looks, height and aura, even the voice is close to the one shown in animation and the '80 movie.