Report: Amber Scaggs Pregnant By Corey Simms, Leah Messer Will Be "Devastated"

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Leah Messer is reportedly devastated over a report that Corey Simms' girlfriend Amber Scaggs is six weeks pregnant with the couple's first child.

As if their heartbreaking breakup wasn't enough. For Teen Mom 2 star Leah, who has two daughters with Simms, it's one shocker after another.

Corey’s new girlfriend, Amber Scaggs, is a mom herself. Now daughter Bralyn, 1, may be getting a sibling, as reports say she's expecting again.

Protection? Who needs it, are we right people?

Corey Simms, Leah Messer Pic

Corey and Leah in happier times. Tanner ones, too.

“She took a pregnancy test and it came out positive,” Amber’s friend Kacy Lynn Rogers confirms. “I know that she was with Corey around Easter, and she is approximately six weeks pregnant, so it makes sense.”

TOTALLY makes sense, Kacy Lynn.

But reportedly, neither Leah nor Corey - who are not even divorced yet - know that Amber is expecting (although tabloid sources apparently do). 

Why wouldn't Corey Simms know if he knocked up Amber? Because he's not even on speaking terms with Scaggs at the moment, natch.

“She doesn’t have anything to say to him,” says another pal of Amber’s, who also confirms that she is pregnant. “He’s been showing his true colors lately. I don’t even know if Amber will tell him for a while.”

Better hope he doesn't read THG.

As for Leah Messer, when she hears this news, “She will really flip out,” a pal close to the Teen Mom 2 star says. “She already hates Amber.”

Game on.



why are girls on the show having more babies? I thought the show was supposed to be about edcation and preventing young girls watching the show how hard is to have a baby at a young age , all this show is doing is giving girls ideals to get pregant.PLEASE MTV WAKE UP U R GIVING PEOPLE DOUBLE STANARDS HERE.GIRLS ARE HAVING MORE BABIES JUST BE WATCHING YOUR SHOW . IS THAT WHAT U WANT THIS COUNTY DONT NEED MORE MCAID AND FOOD STAMPS TO GIVE TO 16 TEENS WHO R PREGANT, WAKE TV LAND..........................


Ok now you need to go schedule your belly pogtohs cause you are soo stinkin cute!(who would you have take your pictures? would you do it yourself?) I ABSOLUTLY LOVE LOVE LOVE your baby names! I can not wait to be calling them by their names! I think your blog is so cute too!


I think Leah got just what she deserved. She messed over Corey by continuously cheating on him with her ex. She wanted her cake and eat it too. Karma came back to bite her in the butt. I feel for the kids but not for Leah!!! Hope this taught her a lesson that when you're in a committed relationship you're suppose to remain faithful to one another!


YOu all do realize the episodes of TM2 were taped a yr ago they have been apart and divorced for some time now Leah has moved on with Jeremy Calvert and just recently miscarried herself MTV is far behind on all its reality shows. The tabloid and tv news stations want u to believe its recent but its not go on fb and join the teen mom 2 page


I agree! Corey does look "special" He's a f*#!ing idiot!! What kind of man expects his wife and children to live in a run down piece of s*#! House while he buys a new truck, when the truck he has is only 4 months old?? Not to mention leah finds out corey was being a myspace whore!! REALLY COREY?! Man up already!!!!!!!!!!!!


For all yall who blamin corey did he lay down in the bed with another man and get prego he work he spent time with his kids while the whole time she was hoein around yall people always take the girls side we girls take the girls side but if you rutin for her u have done somthing simral she was wrong and he was right to divorce her that was the second time she has done it she aint nothing but a hoe


wow i hate ho hes so stupid she loved him so much i really think amber is a really big h*e she shouldn't of ever messed with a married guy he has 2 little girls i hope she knows she ripped a family that really needed him apart an shes probable just in it for the money they get off the show


i think leah does a excellent job raising her 2 girls..i think personally that leah is better off without him...all he is out for is 1 thing and thats it...i just read that corey is seeing nikkole paulun who appeared on 16 and pregnant a while back...if nikkole is SMART she will break it off with him bc if she dosent she will have another child and corey will go to the next girl he can find...i love leah for the good mother she is i have 3 kids and knw how hard it is to raise kids alone


Frankly I think that's aosblutely good stuff.


Wow this is so stupid of him. He got upset when she wanted to wait on the wedding so they went through with the wedding and Now divorcing. I really hope she finds a better man that will love her and not treat her like crap like corey has. Corey is such a child he shouldn't even have children. He can't even take care of the ones he does have now. If Amber Scaggs was smart she would end it with him now and not wait cause she will end up pregnant and alone just like leah is. Thank God Leah has a great family and friends that will help her.

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