Teen Mom 2's Corey Simms: Cheating on Leah Messer With Amber Scaggs?

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The latest Teen Mom drama is off the CHAIN this week.

Estranged from her husband Corey Simms, Leah Messer arrived home to a new rental home she shares with a girlfriend to find messages from concerned pals.

The big news they DESPERATELY needed to tell her?

Corey has a new girlfriend, Amber Scaggs, and it’s serious. So much so, in fact, that he’s ready to become a father to her 11-month-old daughter!

Another Teen Mom Baby?

This is entirely misleading. Corey's just dating a chick with a kid.

“Leah’s friends were talking about this Amber girl and asking Leah if she knew her,” says a Leah pal. “Her friends say Corey was cheating with Amber all along.”

However, Corey’s relationship with Amber Scaggs is only a few weeks old, according to another friend, noting that despite the rumors, there was no cheating.

A friend of his says Amber was not even in the picture before Leah Messer and Corey Simms, the parents of twins, filed to end her six-month marriage April 14.

Scaggs denies the cheating rumors as well.

“I’m the last person who would ever break up a family,” Amber said. “You can’t break something that is already broken. Leah filed for divorce from Corey."

"That’s clearly saying, ‘I don’t want to be with you.’”

Pretty much. Still, the news that Corey is dating someone seriously upset Leah, who never dreamed Corey would be so quick to replace her in his heart.

It was unfathomable to Leah that Corey would step in and be a father to anyone else’s kids, which is probably assuming a lot if they just started dating.

Nevertheless, Amber does have a kid, so you can see how this rumor would get started. These kid really don't wait until having kids of their own, huh?


why would corey cheat on leah with amber awwwww thats gross if he did ambers dirt compared to leah i just hopefully cory and leah realize that they love each other and stop this bull ship and get back together already they are the couple i loved watching on teen mom


I am an older lady from West Virginia. I was raised with good family values and morals. I have felt from the very beginning that Corey was way to good of a man for Leah. I noticed the HUGE appearance changes in Leah from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I have learned throughout my life..... Once a cheater always a cheater! Coery, I doubt that you are reading this but just in case that you are..... You need to find someone to treat you the way that you deserve to be treated and not cheated on! I AM TEAM COREY ALL THE WAY!


Well come on now... dont u think there both way to young for any of this crap...Now she remarrying and having another set of twins... Well I think what Coery did was wrong I dont think she was any better and to go on and have more children in a new relationship while still dealing with a toddler with disablites dont u think that is totally CRAZY on her behalf!!!! I thought this show was teach and show other teens how teen pregnacy was so hard on them and to deter other teens from it... Not keep popping them out!


think that leah made a big mistake cheating all of those times...corey deserves to be happy... he is a good dad and really that is all that matters but she has been the cheater...he just has a new girlfriend, now


after watchin all the episodes, corey was too good for leah. she cheated on him twice, corey always tried his hardest. she wasnt using her damn head, if he decides to move on, thats his business. i like him, wish he came with me, i kno she wouldnt want to mess with me!!!!!!!


I never thought anything like this would happen they had minor problems but he was so sweet to her there is something that wasnt shown on the show and an under lying factor to this madness i feel for Leah just keep your chin up girl your guna do fine those babies love you and you have great support. Leah did it alone already pretty much he was affraid to be alone with the girls.


That Amber chick is a fat ass slut, Why? because she broke up a marriage between Leah and Corey and she don't need to be fooling around with other people's husbands THAT FAT ASS SLUT. AND BIG FAT WHORE IS WHAT AMBER IS.


i think what corey did to leah was wrong what type of man gets married to his girl and than cheats on her with another girl that is just stupid and dumb and im glad leah filed for a divorce i do not know they got married in the first place they were too young to get married .


everybodys putting the blame on the guy, but from the looks of the show Leah seemed to be the one that was hard to please. There wouldnt be any of these stories if they were both adults and tried to work through the problems instead of giving up, also if leah would have left the ex-boyfriend alone some of their problems would not exist


I can't believe that Corey would he that serious with this amber chick so fast!!!
Leah already has her hands full with two young girls!!!!!!! Cut her so slack!!!

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