Patti Stanger: Jennifer Aniston "Not a Good Picker"

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Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux is generating a lot of attention. The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patii Stanger, is the latest to chime in.

Not in the most glowing fashion, either.

"I like him for her. I think he’s a good fit for her," she told TooFab of Aniston's new man, but she has concerns over the whole Heidi Bivens situation.

"How you get a guy is how you lose a guy," she said, referring to Theroux's 14-year relationship with his ex, and Jen allegedly pulling an Angelina.

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"He was like, 'Bye! You were my training wheels. Now I'm going off to get my real Schwinn.' I mean what IS that? She's not a great picker, really."

"She had John Mayer. C'mon, let's be serious."

Hard to argue with her regarding that douche.

As for reports of Aniston and Theroux moving in together, the Bravo star says, "That's too soon. That's way too 'I wanna marry you' creepy."

"And she needs to think long and hard about that. She makes way more money, there better be a pre-nup. He needs to court her first."



Jen did date him when he was still living with Heidi; he was probably sleeping with both of them. I wonder how many STDs she's got by now. Heidi , in my opinion, is a lot prettier.


Well, I don t know. I think Jen could have handled the break up from Brad more graciously. I know that must have been hard to lose for a woman that is more beautiful, more talented, already a mother, ambassador of good will and stuff. And Jen has always been like a type of futile Hollywood Star. she can be whatever she wants, but kinda futile. So...Complaining and then doing THE EXACT same thing to another woman... What can CHELSEA HANDLER say now, that her best friend is a C%$¨% a homewwrecker? Like she called Angelina? I guess JEn surrounded herself with self pity, and friends, and wrong guys, since she was America's Sweetheart but was desperately wanting to do the same. She would do the same to Angelina, even with 6 kids involved. So don t get me wrong, it s easy to be the "poor JEn" when it s with you. NOw I SAY POOR Heidi Bivens. I hope she finds someone much BETTER. Could be a Brad Pitt lookalike.


you are so right I mean seriously it is his desicion to end his other 14 year relationship. He got bored with heidi and wanted to be with someone more famous that the tabloids pay more attention to. Hes a meaningless prick if you ask me!


The rumor is a FACT!!! The ring that Theroux is wearing in the pictures
the tabloids are saying that he and Anison are wearing as matching rings,
was a ring that Bivens gave to Theroux.


Theroux was photographed at events in April with Heidi Bivens, so no breakup in March. Rumor in NYC is that Heidi, not Jen, bought him the ring he has been sporting with Anniston.


What the matchmaker said is rediculous. That's foolish to make a comment without knowing the truth. Justin is the one broke the 14 years relationship, not Jen. Jen did not date him when he was in a relationship. I don't get why women always blame Jen. Justine should be blamed, not Jen. Please find out the truth from People magazine.


I hope Jennifer didnt grab a man that was still in a relationship. That would make her the homewrecker & those shoes really dont fit well.


Isn't this the same chic that couldn't make her own relationship work out? She should get her shit together first if anyone is going to take her advice seriously!

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