Did Jennifer Aniston Go All Angelina Jolie on Justin Theroux's Girlfriend?

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Some critics of Jennifer Aniston's newest relationship say that she "stole" boyfriend Justin Theroux from his girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens.

In other words, haters say Jen pulled an Angelina Jolie.

The 42-year-old fell hard for costar Theroux on the Georgia set of Wanderlust last fall, and "nothing was going to get in her way," Us reports.

But is that really the whole story here?

  • Aniston the Home-Wrecker
  • Heidi Bivens, Justin Theroux

"Jen went after him hard," a set source says, dishing on how Aniston and Theroux began having secret trysts at her temporary, secluded digs.

Charmed by his quick wit, hipster style and impressive screenwriter background, Aniston "overlooked her secret beau's relationship status."

"Jen wanted Justin and it didn't matter that he was already with someone," says the source ... but here's one thing that doesn't add up.

Theroux ended things with Bivens in March. He began dating Aniston after that. Yes, Bivens was still living at their NYC apartment in June, but Theroux was not. So they weren't living together in earnest.

The source even says that Bivens "didn't know Aniston was the catalyst" behind the split, the source says, "until now ... it sucks when your ex dates the most famous woman in the world so soon after a breakup."

That it does, we have no doubt. But he didn't go public with Jen until very recently, he and Heidi weren't married, and there's no proof of cheating.

Somewhat unusual circumstances, but not home-wrecker material. There are some parallels here, but nothing like what happened with Brangelina.

Perhaps the tabloids should stick to making up flat-out nonsense, like the story about Angelina Jolie being an anorexic heroin addict. That was good!

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Old airplane??? She's only 2 years older!!


Old Airplane?? She's only 2 years older!!


I agree with ROB. Everyone blames women. Brad was FORCED to cheat? HAHAHAHA ok.


I find it funny that in this entire Brad and Angelina thing no one blames BRAD! He was the one who was married and you can not take a man who does not want to be taken. Jen knew her man wanted kids and she was too worried about her career to give him that. I mean how much money do you really need. I am not a fan of Jen and she is not America's sweetheart! I am not saying Angelina was correct but let's put some of this blame on BRAD as well


I do feel sorry for her, she couldn't hide the pain she was in. Get this I know a few gay men they all say Brad is gay and married Jen to hide it , wonder if that has anything to do with amgelina is by. so why is everyone hitting on Jen? She gave Brad a place to hide himself. He plain did her wrong come on you could see her pain. We never know anyway.




lol how is she the most famous woman in the world? is jen paying this site or something?


And she talks about Angelina being a homewrecker,,that is so hypocritical,,,,,


Jenifer Aniston always is a charmless person. If the man cheated on his girlfriend. He will continue to cheat the next one. Jenifer is older than him. Wait and see!


He look like terrorist he he