Meghan McCain to Bristol Palin: Come On!

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Levi Johnston isn't the only figure called out in Bristol Palin's memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far. Yes ... Bristol actually has a memoir out.

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    @Abby you are certainly right,we are just dealing with a couple of fame whores .They come from two families that have absolutey nothing positive to contribute to America.


    @ sammy, I just came here to basically say the same thing you did. I am 43 and if I would look back at how I viewed the world and what I thought of things when I was 20, I would be laughing at my self and/or embarassed. But i didn't put my thoughts onto paper either. I guess she thinks she' knows it all at her age but the shock will hit her later.


    Bristol (born 1991) is the eldest Palin daughter. The youngest Palin is Piper (born 2001) with Willow (born 1995) being the middle sister.


    Sorry, that last comment was @Abby Normal


    @Z-Lister...You hit the nail right on the head! I couldn't have said it better myself, bravo!!!


    This chick is too young to have written a memoir. God, I remember my opinions on things when I was 20. Trust me, they were only valid for the exact year that I was 20. They just embarrass me now. I'd like to know what idiot will buy her book!


    @Aine: I couldn't agree more! So far it sounds like Bristol whining and insulting anyone who has not treated her or her family like the "royality" they seem to think they are. She sounds like a 13 year old complaining about life.

    @bellagrazi: Um, Meghan McCain saying the Palins "sucked all the oxygen out of the room" does not make her jealous, it's kind of an insult really. Meghan is not the one who needs to grow up. She is not the one who wrote some silly book about herself and managed to sound like a spoiled 13yr old. Bristol is. Meghan simply responded to what was said about her as I'm sure everyone else Bristol made a lame attempt at insulting in her book will. If Bristol can't handle it then perhaps she should stop making this crap up.


    Meghan McCain is a snotty bitch. She lobbed the first grenade. Bristol's just lobbin' it back. She even talked about how jealous she was of the Palin's in an article on the Daily Beast. She said they sucked all the oxygen out of the room. Too effing bad! The Palin's were a breath of fresh air during the campaign of '08. People are still endlessly fascinated by them. Meghan McCain needs to grow up.


    This memoir says more about Bristol than the people she's bashing.


    Do we really care what these 2 attention whores think, let alone think of eachother? Come on!

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