Bristol Palin Memoir Dish: Levi Johnston is a "Gnat"; Virginity Lost While Drunk

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Bristol Palin reveals in her new memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far (yes, Bristol Palin has a memoir), that Levi Johnston is a "gnat."

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    You shulod have been the first to be voted off!! You can't dance!! I guess it takes mom to help out and of course the your so-called fans.


    Time to grow up Bristol. At age twenty, you are acting like a ten year old with your book knocking the father of your baby and saying it is all his fault. Maybe your Mom has never taught you how to be classy, but you are acting like a hooker. You go on national TV and wiggle your big boobs and call it dancing-you looked just like a whore and Mama wanted you to wear a g string or do a total strip tease. Low class grifters from Alaska. Go back there and climb back under the rock. Levi certainly comes across as the better parent. You are the one who is using your son just to get yourself attention. Shame on you.


    AS for me, I am so sick of hearing about the Palin,s, all of them. They are all a bunch of brainless wonders, especially Sarah. For a woman of her calibre to expect to be president of this country one day surely tells you lots about her. She's truly a joke, but she doesn;'t have the intelligence to recognize that. I can just imagine her in the White House as President or even Vice-President. Anyone who would vote or even support her is as crazy as she is. She couldn;t hope to compete with Bachman. I wouldn;t vote for her either, but she atleast has grey matter far above Sarah Palin.


    no name- it means Shut The Fuck Up

    bristols new face is so ugly... i guess the inside has to match the outside huh?


    Will someone tell me what STFU mean?


    i would much rather be called a gnat than a slut!


    These Palin gals have every day planned for who's going to come out with some daily drama headline. It's obvious the word that Bristol is saying is 'Nad. (takes one to know one)


    Bristol Palin - one desperate, unwed, teen mother, who uses the media to compete with her skanky ex-baby daddy.


    I think Levi was trapped. He was a future millionaire as a hockey player and Sarah Palin see the dollar signs and put out her daughter to him as a farmer put out s heifer to a bull. The only difference it that Sarah Palin know that the result was a rich son-in-law. The dominoes came tumbling down for Sarah Palin when Levi, stupidly of course, gave up his lucrative million dollar career to take a job to take care of the child, without talking it over with Sarah Palin. Seeing her plans fall flat in her face, Sarah Palin and the family dump Levi. I think Levi's move to give up his chance of being a hockey player for a job was downright stupid myself. But again it was providence playing out for Sarah Palin. Does she still think she is a hockey mom? or she learned that she cannot trap people. I bet she stays away from those hockey fields now.


    Bristol is talking all this crap because she's taking advantage that her kid is half retarded and might not be able to understand what she is saying about his dad.

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