Justin Timberlake Gropes, Denies Dating Mila Kunis

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Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis star in a movie called Friends With Benefits, are both hot, and both newly single. So they're totally dating, right?

No, the twosome adamantly claims.

Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake

The co-stars addressed rumors of hooking up off-camera head on at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday with a little friendly P.D.A. – and then some.

So are they boyfriend and girlfriend? More like brother and sister, Kunis says. Which we can totally see, because siblings always do stuff like this:

"Even though we're in the movie Friends With Benefits, Mila and I have never dated," JT clarified, before showing just how comfortable he is with Kunis.

We certainly didn't see that one coming.

Luckily, unlike his infamous Super Bowl halftime show with Janet Jackson, there was no wardrobe malfunction after he got to second base with Mila.

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I think they should get together, they both have great personalities,both are sexy, and they have amazing chemistry together, i say go for it!


Trailer Trash. I used to like Mila...but omg....that was so low-class. She says she was raised well...no one raised well would ever do somehting so pathetic at a public event much less private.


Yes they might make a cute couple but she knows about JT and his issues with relationships. I hope she never falls into that trap!


They'll luk great together as a couple..!