Jersey Shore Cast Gets Another Raise For Season 5

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With Jersey Shore, MTV caught lightning in a bottle and is doing all it can to strike while the iron is hot, milking the guidos/ettes for all they're worth.

That relationship goes both ways, of course.

The cast members have reportedly secured yet another pay raise, negotiating new contracts for the upcoming Jersey Shore Season Five in Seaside.

The Crew Rolls

Pauly, Sitch, Ronnie, Vinny, Sammi, JWoww, Deena and effing Snooki will be earning more than ever before when their antics resume stateside.

Sources connected with the say that while MTV has green-lit a fifth season, the gang refused to take part without signing newer, bigger contracts first.

MTV had planned to shoot a new season under the terms of the Season 4 contracts, but lawyers for the cast refused, so MTV drew up new papers.

The majority of the cast has already re-signed, and the rest will sign this week. They leave Italy June 23, with filming in N.J. to commence June 26.


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If this show is such a waste of time for all you people, then explain why you are commenting under a page talking about a new season. Obviously this isn't here for your benefit. It's here for the people that actually like the show and want to know more about it. and when it comes to what they make, that's based on what they previously made and the ratings. It's just like getting a bonus for working for a company after so many years. They get more money when MTV's ratings are boosted due to their show. If you were one of them, I highly doubt you'd complain.


The Jersey shore is a WASTE OF TV.... they are losers who drink and act stupid for a living!!! They make me sick that teens look up to these LOSERS!!!!!!!!


and a little fyi, they are't all italian! and if you think they are so ridiculous why are you "fucktards" wasting your time talking about them. people like you are why they get noticed and get paid the big bucks!


i love the show... it makes my life look less dramatic! if you were getting paid what they were to do what they do, you wouldn't complain... don't be jealous bc they're lives are gravy!!!


On a more trivial note, that Deena should really lay off the pizzas.


End the damn show already. Completely pointless bunch of stupids who constantly fight, party, and drink. That's all! What the hell is wrong with American television programs these day? Don't we have enough of our problems these days? And those who waste time with this show should just get a life!


I agree Paulette et al! It's sad to see what they are and are not doing and getting paid ridiculous amounts of money! Are they worth more than teachers or the medical staff of a Level One Trauma Center where LIVES ARE SAVED??? Our priorities are seriously out of balance as evidenced by the post of "Sandra".


America is running out of dignity fast, when sleazeballs like this with low IQ's get paid a king's ransom to drink, carouse & sleep with anyone who has a pulse. I blame this all on stupid viewers who have no life and no discriminating taste in TV shows. The biggest insult of all is that ABC is cancelling Soaps and complaining about the cost of producing these shows while most soap stars have continued to accept pay cuts to stay on the air.


I know, right! Life is SO hard for these LOSERS!!
I guess they never learned what dignity and self respect means.


Man, I sure do wish I could get paid to get drunk and party every night.

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