Ja Rule Surrenders, Begins Prison Sentence

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Ja Rule may be a hard ass thug, but he couldn't escape the rule of law.

The rapper turned himself over to authorities to begin his two-year prison sentence in New York this afternoon, according to his manager, Seven.

Seven confirmed that Ja surrendered and has been processed.

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Ja Rule spent some private time with his wife, friends and family before he was taken away for 24 months. His parting words to them: "Real life is a fantasy, f**k fame ... I'm ready for this to get over with. I am focused."

That's good at least. He was hit with a two-year sentence in 2010 when he pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. In 2007, police found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in his sports car. That'll do it.

We'll next report on Inmate 07608730Q in late 2012 or early 2013.

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and T.I got one year for having all kinds of automatic guns and bullshit


life is full with ups and downs,but we must always fightto be at the top.ja you just have one down,rise up straight to the top again,it's where you belong"RULE"the TOP.its time to write some nice lerics,it is time to meditate about your life and family


I guess his invitation to the White House isn't far behind now.


You know being in that "RAP GAME" can be dangerous! Once the "LORD JESUS CHRIST" give you the opportunity to be "FAMOUS" and make "MONEY" you should leave that "THUG LIFE" alone! He should be thanking "GOD" for sparing his "LIFE"!WOW! Wish I had that opportunity to live the "GOODLIFE"! JA RULE,wishing you well,remember you are a married man with a family!Put that "GANGSTER LIFE" down and start working back on your "MUSIC! "GOOD LUCK" Prison life is not "FUN"!


Its a shame. I wish celebs knew how to act at times! If they had to work 10-12hr shifts like us common folk then things would be different. They'd have more perspective on life. Its not always about the "glitz and glam"


that's all he got my son did more time for just having drugs on him.

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