Heidi Bivens: Dumped By Justin Theroux For Jennifer Aniston?

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Heidi Bivens had dated Justin Theroux for 14 YEARS before he began seeing Jennifer Aniston recently, and only moved out of their place last weekend.

That's ... a long time. And a little surprising.

Bivens, 34, a costume designer, has moved out of the NYC home she shared for six years with Theroux, 39, her rep told the NY Post's Page Six:

Heidi Bivens, Justin Theroux
So Lonely

"Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years. They met when she was 20 and he 24, and yes, she just moved out of their home last weekend."

"She has no further comment."

An insider says he and Aniston, 42, "started hooking up on set" in Georgia last fall while shooting Wanderlust and while he was still with Bivens.

Hard to blame the guy. Have you seen those Jennifer Aniston topless ads for Smartwater? We're kidding ... although we're a little bit serious.

"But he had been trying to leave her for a while," the source said. "He broke it off for good in March," and they were "on an off for years."

Meanwhile, as Bivens packed up her things, Aniston is going public with Theroux, taking their romance public during his extended visit to L.A.

"She doesn't want him to get frustrated with her usual covert way of doing things," a Theroux source said of Jen's new relationship attitude.

"So she's compromising and relaxing about the paparazzi."

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Disappointed in Jennifer Aniston. This was done to her so you would think she would have some sensitivity for Heidi and keep her budding relationship on the QT until more time had passed from Justin and Heidi dissolution of their relationship and not having the new couple "Justifer" lol flaunt their comings and goings in public.


Angie is the queen of homewrecking hos. My goodness, the woman slept with her mother's man as a form of payback! Yeah, I know she was 16 which is why is really disturbing. She has been playing sex games her entire life. Remember the kiss she gave her own brother on the red carpet. Disgusting. Wait until the kids are old enough to be curious about her past! Bet they wont leave their dates or future spouses alone with her! LOL!


Heidi had an off and on relatioinship with Justin for forteen years, more off than on. She lived with Justin a total of six years off and on. There were major off on problems in the relationship long before Jen entered the scene. I hope that after all the pain and suffering she has been put through and the latest insults from Brad a few months ago that Jen has finally found happiness.


Her new boyfriend will be getting the same treatment. She will date him and sleep with her new boyfriend and then dump him like she did all the other guys she slept with. Leave her alone. She will never learn, she is used to this life style. Hopefully after she turns 50 maybe she will settled down.


She's a homewrecker.Whether the couple are not married,14 years is considered common-law marriage.It is longer than aniston's marriage to brad pitt.Now aniston's fans would rationalize that theroux and heide's relationship was way over before aniston and theroux hooked up,but the ex just moved out of their place a week after aniston and theroux displayed their relationship publicly according to ny post.At least with pitt and jolie if they had any relationship,they didn't display it not until a divorce was announced. YUCKS !!!!


Angelina Jolie must be still on the floor laughing her eyes out. Poor Victim Jennifer Aniston just "stole another woman's man" and broke up a 14 year relationship'..without looking back. How "very uncool" Jen! Chelsea Handler where are you when Heidi Bevins needs you to call Aniston out for stealing another woman's man? Holla!...and where is the media who anointed Aniston as "victim" of the millenium...guess Heidi just isn't famous enough for the attention...


I have to laugh at all these comments coming from women acting like a "ring" would have somehow made the relationship any more stable. Jennifer Aniston had a ring and a so-called marriage from Brad Pitt and it didn't stop him from moving on, and they were only together for 5 years! So why on earth do women wait around for some ultimate outcome of "marriage" as if it is a prize to be won? If a woman is with a guy unmarried for years and years it must mean one thing, that she is ALREADY getting the elements from the relatioship that are important to her and no ceremony or piece of jewelry is going to elevate it. I have been to lavish weddings where so-called committments were made that didn't even last a year. Stop assuming people who live together have an inferior relationship.


Also..14 yrs..no ring?get the outta here..oh well.worse things happen in this world though.reading all this bs on here about whore crap is pathetic,u r probably her stalker and u r mad u cant get her to notice u in that card board box of a house.u have to be the devils bff bc reading your crap made me think..wtf is wrong with the people in this world.ohhh.its people like u in this world that f it all up for the good people.u should b ashamed of yourself .i know u r not bc people like U dont care.So....worry about your own.


Omg..are you all serious??really?first AJ new brad was MARRIED..and the MARRIED part is a sacrad vowel of oath.Second...JA is a sweetheart..I am sure she has a beautiful soul.But theses are people we dont know.Get a reality check amd shut the trap b4 u speak,Who needs medication here..raise your hand.Im sure u do.good riddens.lmaosickening.ohhh wow,


Why would you stay with a guy for over a decade without marriage? If there were kids involved, I would think twice, but hey clearly Justin wanted to jump ship - - That's life. No split is ever as clean as we would like it....

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