Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas: Spotted in Bali!

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They're no denying it any longer: Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas are totally a couple!

The pair were spotted in Bali this week, attending a songwriting camp while on the Indonesian island, according to a People Magazine insider.

"I have been so blessed," Nick Tweeted Monday while posing for a photo with his 26-year old girlfriend. "So many great things happening."

Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas in Bali

Witnesses spotted Goodrem and Jonas getting a meal at The Beach Club at Sandy Bay on Nusa Lembongan, an island just off the coast of Bali. They are now back in the States.

With Delta by his side, we're guessing Nick doesn't really care what Selena Gomez says about him.


nick jonas is really a good, nice looking, successful boy, i like him too much.

Glee girl

she might be lucky but she is not nick's tipe i meen look at them.


They were in my country,Indonesia
they were together in bali while I am in Jakarta..
oh nick, why u dont tell me first before u go to bali? I want to take our photo _


Man, I gotta give it up to this boy he really has his life together. He's a mature young boy who seems to know what he wants in life and where he's going and he obviously is looking for someone who does the same. Who cares who he dates, we should just be happy that he's a hardworking artist who's not throwing his life away!


delta nick look good together but something is indeed missing but if they are happy then WTH right


She's only 26... that's still a very young woman... she's nowhere near the "cougar" stage. I doubt that she's going to do this boy any harm. In her age people are still learning about life themselves.


Its not that shes 8 years older then him, its that hes only 18, he's a baby if he was 26 and she was 34 that would be different, no matter how mature he thinks he is he doesn't know anything, this isn't healthy at this age, she should know better, unless shes completely immature shes at a different stage in her life and will have different goals, boys that age are very suggestible, she should know that.


Ew. I like nick when he's dating Selena. I hate him now. Why is he dating her?!!?!?!?!? Gosh. Delta is a cougar. Sorry. I hate them.


if u think that's gross, (first of all welcome to the real world, older women date younger guys all the time), I'd like to know how you feel about madonna & Jesus Luz? Feeling faint?


although she is 8 yrs older than nick i am glad he is dating again and delta is very beautiful so who cares about age
and they are cute together.

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