Selena Gomez Possibly Praises Justin Bieber, Disses Nick Jonas in New Single

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Selena Gomez has released her latest single online, and it appears to get far more personal than any of her past hits.

Titled "Bang Bang Bang," the track seems to take a shot at ex Nick Jonas, while giving props to new boyfriend Justin Bieber. Listen to it below and then read a few lines and see what we mean:

My new boy used to be a model, he looks way better than you, he looks way better than you.
His love is deeper you know. He's a real keeper you know.

My new boy knows the way I want it.
He's got more swagger than you, he's got more swagger than you do.

He's not hiding me.
He's showing me off you know?

Might this be a reference to Bieber's notorious swagger coach? And it's pretty clear Justin has no problem at all showing Selena off, isn't it?


u are a fricken beach salena i would date nick better than justin. justin sounds and looks like a girl u are a fricken mean girl. i hate u now f you.


Its just a song, it doesn't mean it's about anyone in particular ontherwise there is a lot of heartbreak and love songs that need explaining about who they r about god not everything means something like this


Well, this is propbably a showoff. But, I don't give a crud about Justin Bieber. Nick Jonas is soooo hot! No one cares about Bieber, go Nick!


What happened to what she said about hurting guys and that she wasn't like that?


It's nice of Selena to cover for Justin while he takes care of his man Chris Brown.They are a very understanding trio.


The song is just crap. It's really hurtful especially to Nick if he hears this. I bet when she sings this life it'll sound like crap, too. They used too much autotune.


Really? SO immature of her to do that. If I was her and dated Nick Jonas all dreams would have came true. Justin looks and acts like a girl... So would this mean Selena is bi-sexual?


I really like this song!!!!!


Even if, w-h-o c-a-r-e-s. Why is this news worthy?


@A... Seriously it's true. Bieber was born March 1,1994. Gomez was born July 22,1992.Bieber is a minor, Gomez is not. The pictures of them vacationing were interesting. Especially the picture of them coming out of the hotel together. Of course they were chaperoned twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. If you believe that I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

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