Chris Brown Dominates, Performs at BET Awards

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Often-embattled and controversial R&B star Chris Brown triumphed last night at the BET Awards, taking home four awards, including the viewers' choice prize.

"I know it's been a long road, so I just appreciate every blessing that's been in front of me," Brown told the audience after accepting one of his many honors.

Here's Chris performing "She Ain't You" and "Look at Me Now":

In an odd turn of events, Brown's name was called as the winner of the viewers' choice award ... and then Rihanna's. Canadian rapper Drake (who is rumored to be dating Rihanna) awkwardly appeared to accept on her behalf.

Later, it was revealed that Chris Brown was the actual winner and there had been a technical error. He was given the award, but not before the pre-chosen fan who announced the winner on Twitter was eviscerated for the error.

In any case, congratulations to Chris on a great night.

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@Chris Brown evrytym i c u,hear yo voice,thnk of u i go crazy in love wit d filin u bring to me (joy).thnks for d amazing performance,america is blesed to hv u.m so proud of u


all i have to say is look at me now.congrat on a great album.stay focused mj


Charlie Sheen is no damn good either ,him and his father both changed their last name from Estevez to Sheen.says a lot for them both, But it is true that it's hard to get over seeing the picture of Rhiana's battered face.


@ Trish i bet u r white and racist....everyone deserves a second chance..He was awarded for his talent not his personality.Charlie Sheen has been misbehaving for a very long time,yet people still love him,they went to see his comedy tour.So get over urself....


I love you Chris Brown and congrats for last nite.I wish you would come to Belgium.I want to invite you to dinner and I want to read the text messages on your phone.


i Heart Chris Brown!! I am happy for him


wish they stop mentioning the word 'controversial' His talent should be the talking..ignorant world. urgh..anyway CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING, CANT WAIT TO SEE ON TOUR


I guess BET stands for the Beat Down Channel.I'm cancelling my subscription ,I'm switching to HBO.


Congrats to chris brown! He owned the night like the true super star that he is. His performance was awesome and he deserves his awards. All the haters need to find something else to do besides hate on chris brown. He's worked hard to get to the point he's at so stop trying to ruin his moment by bringing up stupid stuff. He was great!


Im so proud of chris, keep up the good work and let hater's keep hating.

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