Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Real Butts, Fake Name Changes

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We've already seen the photographic evidence, but Kim Kardashian officially answered a question no one was asking last night: Yes, her butt is real.

In the following +/- review of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we examine this life-altering news and also give major points to Kris Jenner for owning up to what her family is...

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Kim reads one story about her receiving butt implants and simply can't believe the world questions her real body. PLUS 8 because we sympathize with this frustration. The only fake thing about Kim is the interest she takes in any of her Facebook followers.

PLUS 8 more to Khloe, who was on fire this week. She referred to her sister's ass as "iconic," she performed a "squish test" between Kim's rear end and Kourtney fake boobs. These sisters touch each other so often, you'd think Ray J was constantly on hand with a camera.

MINUS 3, though, for the siblings' ignorance: why should viewers believe what a doctor says when everything else on this show is entirely scripted?

Kris Jenner wants to change her last name to make it consistent with the "brand." PLUS 2 for honesty, but MINUS 15 for hurting Bruce Jenner's feelings. Hasn't this guy been through enough with that botched plastic surgery?

A record MINUS 47, meanwhile, because Kris actually uttered these words: "It's like the Kennedys. Everybody knows the Kennedys." Yes, she compared to the Kardashians to the Kennedys. We kept waiting for her to laugh. She never did.

Khloe finished off her best episode to date, fortunately, by talking some sense into her selfish mother. PLUS 10 for convincing Kris that maybe she ought to be loyal to her husband of 20 years and then PLUS 5 more for Kris actually hanging a photo of Bruce in the hallway. It only took two decades.


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