Bentley Williams: The Worst Bachelorette Villain Yet?

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"I'd rather go swimming in pee." - Bentley Williams on marrying Ashley Hebert

Bentley will not win this season - to learn who does, read The Bachelorette spoilers here - but he's generated almost all of the show's buzz so far.

With most bad boys on The Bachelorette, you either love 'em or love to hate 'em. With Bentley Williams, no one's even in the former category.

The 28-year-old divorcee from Utah is seemingly on the show just to straight up mind f%*k Ashley Hebert, who's obviously smitten with him.

Bentley Works Ashley

It's sad, really. While past "villains" like Wes got a bad rap, Bentley Williams is in a league of his own, leading Ashley on and loving every second of it.

Obviously, this is The Bachelorette. You can't believe everything you see or take it at 100 percent face value. But this is no sabotage by editing here.

His direct quotes show a sleaze determined to not just mislead, but mock Ashley at every turn, and reveal a guy just going on the show for kicks.

How far will he make it? How does he leave? That will begin to play out on tonight's episode (again follow the link above for what we know so far).

For now, here's a little background on the shadiest contestant yet:

Ashley Hebert may not realize Williams' motives, but the divorced father of Cozy is fooling none of his viewers. Not that he's really trying, of course.

"When I read the bios, my first favorite was Bentley," last season's Bachelor winner Emily Maynard recently said of Williams. "But then, yeah, ew!"


Bentley's ex-wife, Suzette Davis, is friendly with another of last season's Bachelor cast members, Michelle Money. She was the one who warned Hebert that Williams was only on the show to promote his business.

"I would want to know if I was in Ashley's situation," Money said.

So who is this dude? Williams now co-owns the Airborne Trampoline Arena in Draper, Utah. He graduated in 2007 from Brigham Young University before going on to New York University to receive his MBA.

Prior to his stint on the show, Williams logged long hours at Goldman Sachs and General Motors, among other companies. So he's clearly no fool.

Bentley and Suzette have a two-year-old daughter Cozette (a.k.a. "Cozy"), making his actions all the more devious. Way to be a role model, guy.


Wished Ashley could have seen the footage we saw at the time we did... she would have sent him packing a long time ago!!!! GRRRR I can't stand that Bentley guy. How could u intentionally play with someone's feelings like that? By his actions he must still be an 8 year old boy. He must remember that he is a father and has a daughter.. karma is a b*#^h!!!!


This Bentley situation is so pathetic that almost dont believe it. A good part of me feels like it's an act by producers. I mean HOW?! First of all, it's weird that drama started with the dude before he even got on the show. And it's even more weird that 90% of Ashley's time alone is spent talking about this douche bag. Idk, either Bentley is a certified genius or somebody behind the scenes is. Either way this got the ratings up...


As bad as Bentley is, the show's producers share the blame for Ashley's humiliation and pain. The minute they saw what he was doing via his private recorded chats, he should have been kicked off the show. Where is the conscience of the producers? Ashley, an intelligent, attractive, personable, honest young woman did not deserve that treatment from Bentley or the SHOW!


For those of you blaming Ashley, try to remember that she wasn’t seeing what we were. This guy lied and lied and lied. He is a creep and even made remarks about the other guys buying his rap. Then to say he was leaving for his daughter and remarking that he really wasn’t. Obviously he doesn’t even care about her. I hope his poor little girl never sees that part of the show. What a loser!!!


What a sleeze bucket he is!!! Not to mention he's not all that & a bag of chips either...The way he primped to the mirror fixing his hair, then making that comment on the way to dump her~I hope my hair looks good, made me want to barf! People can say whatever they want about Ashley, she is a nice girl & in no way deserves what happened to her!!! Personally, I thought that Emily was pretty, but she drove me nuts always talking about her ex the race car driver! Also, did not like Brad either...He still has issue's & is really not ready to marry, thinking he needs more counselling!!!


I hope to hell this damages his business. Any "Good" businessman would NOT do something like this.


Bently is really disgusting and such a woman hater that he appears inherently evil. So narcissistic that he borders on sociopathy. Why would "The Bachelorette" hire such a sick cookie for their show. I think they owe Ashley an apology for their poor judgement and their audience an aplogy as well. He was incredibly humiliating and painful to watch.


A guy who acts as Bentley did clearly does not like or respect women. Wonder when he is finally going to admit he is a homosexual?


I would like to buy bentley for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth.


LOL 7 ofClubs!! I have never seen this show but that pic is hilarious!! You know what he is thinking about!!
THG should do a caption contest on this one!!

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