Amy Winehouse Live: The Worst Concert EVER

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The oft-intoxicated, always-exhausted Amy Winehouse has given some effed-up live performances in the past, but may have set a new high/low with this one.

When a local paper calls it "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade," that's bad. As is having a backup singer handle the lead vocals when you can't.

At one point at the show, which took place this weekend, Amy got so disoriented that she started mumbling lyrics, then just threw her mic to the floor.

She then rested on equipment and wandered around on stage. We don't want to jump to conclusions and say she's on drugs ... but she's TOTALLY on drugs!

Seriously, check out the two clips from the Belgrade Butchering below ...

Tickets to the Wino show were roughly $57 - a lot for any nation, but particularly absurd in Serbia, where the monthly salary is only about $428.

No wonder boos from the Belgrade audience were widely reported.

The troubled singer's rep says Monday's gig in Istanbul and Wednesday's concert in Athens have been scrapped because "she can't perform to the best of her ability." Winehouse feels "this is the right thing to do."

Probably for the best. Her tour will resume July 8 in Spain ... theoretically.


This real ley breaks my heart !!!!!!
True love to Amy girl.......RIP


So sad she just needed help she could have been we lose to many young talented people


I have on thing to say to The days of Wino and Roses, shut the fuck up. You just make wise ass comments about people that you have no real knowledge about.
Anyway, Amy Winehouse was just a troubled soul with no real guidance, and I don't think she really realized how much talent she actually had, and how far it would take her, and I don't think she took her career seriously. How she died is still under investigation, so people need to stop jumping to the conclusion that she overdosed. Take a look at the bigger picture.


What a shame, I was really rooting for her.


And I was sad because I could't go(I'm from Serbia) sad about her-love her work,someone needs to help her!!!


I heard she's gonna team up with Whitney Crackston for her next tour.


Wow, that was epic bad!!! Why were those idiots still cheering and clapping?? I would have booed her and walked out. She needs to be let go like a wild animal, she is not fit for society!!!


How utterly sad. Is there anyone out there that can lock this poor soul down and save her. She's killing herself.

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