America's Got Talent Auditions: The New Susan Boyle?

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With the Las Vegas rounds (thankfully!) looming, there were several great performers on America's Got Talent last night, as the show saved them in hopes they' be fresh in our minds....

On the America's Got Talent Scene

The Contenders
Fatally Unique - The team was well coordinated in the beginning, but I liked how they tried to have boxes to break out of. The members hit really hard and they were very similar to the crew Live in Color from America's Best Dance Crew. Hopefully, they could afford something better than cardboard boxes that fall over for the Vegas rounds.

Cindy Chang - The chipper housewife with the snort was advertised a lot in commercials so I was wondering if she was the next Susan Boyle or not. And she was close. She had this insane vibrato, which I wished was a bit calmer. It's like shaking a good opera singer while they performed. Cyndi deserved to move ahead, but needs to work on her presence.

The Fearless Flores Family - Ten generations of performers? That's sick. Having an eight-year-old doing the performance added both the cute and fear factors. That takes some courage for the parents to watch their children in a ball of death and say there was only "some" danger in the routine. I'm not sure if I'd want to see more than 10 minutes of the routine, but they deserve a shot.

The Dark Horses
Ian Jonathan - The Yo-yo specialist was good but I have no clue where the next level would be. I'd hope he decides to go with black light and neon.

Tricky Jackson - It was almost like watching a really buff robot. Again, after the cape reveal, Tricky has nowhere to go with his routine.

Taylor Davis - Taylor had a great tone to his voice, but since we know nothing about his backstory, I fear his elimination in Vegas is inevitable.

Mike Stone and the Kritikal Band - There was something really sleepy with the performance of "Day-O" but the group did have a strong group dynamic. I hope they choose a song that has more pow from the gate. They looked like they were performing in the previews for Vegas, so I hope they dazzle the second time around.

Fantastic Fig and Newton the Cat - The Psychic Magician/Former Attorney had strong quips and amazing card tricks. Then he started dancing with the women. The cat was scared for his life the whole time. The cards by themselves were too small-scale for Vegas, but I'm hoping he figures out how to be good and funny at the same time.

The Rejects
Eric and Christlo - I created their choreography in my bedroom with a friend once, but we never performed it in front of people. And we were smart to know when not to embarrass ourselves.

Chris, the Boy with Wire Hair - Learn to juggle.

GTR - The girls that rock described them as two Beyoncé’s on stage. The saving grace of the routine was watching Nick come along and pop his booty.

Jenny and the Painted Ladies - GTR could show you how to actually drop it like it's hot and they were rejected.

Magic of Mystique - It was like a rent-a-magician for a bar mitzvah.

Tomahawk Tassels - I liked the leg work in the beginning, and then she took off the top for no real reason. I loved her playfulness with Howie, though.

The Girl who Sang for Sharon Osbourne - I have no words. I hope she's not too embarrassed.


Why was the Justin Bieber look alike give two chances and messed up both, and let through, and the Asian Cindy Chang's, who because of nerves messed up, and was only given one shot? Dose AGT hate ASIAN people


When will everyone stop with the "new Susan Boyle". Why not the "new Mary Byrne" or the "new" other dozen contestants who have been touted as the new Susan Boyle and then promptly forgotten or at best have had mediocre success in their recordings. The moment of Susan Boyle's audition was a unique moment in music and talent competition history. No matter how people contrive to make it happen again, it's not going to work. The reason being that she has a magnificent talent and has touched millions with her music. Give it a rest!!!


Why must we see the MC DURING the performances. Before and after is enough.

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