Vicki Gunvalson to Brandi Glanville: Be Careful!

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Brandi Glanville is officially a reality star. The ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian has signed on for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But Vicki Gunvalson, a member of the Orange County branch of this Bravo franchise, has a stern warning for Glanville: Be careful.

“It’s not all glamour," Gunvalson said to OK!. "You’re going to shed some real tears. You’re going to see people hurt you that you never thought could hurt you before. I think she’s in for a rude awakening. It’s not all fun at times, but the experiences have been that of a lifetime. I wouldn’t change it for the world."

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New Housewife of Beverly Hills

Vicki has been a Real Housewife since 2007. Hilariously claiming that all stories regarding her on the series are "true," Gunvalson also has an opinion on the Beverly Hills cast.

“I met all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and they were lovely ladies,” she says. “It’s interesting that they would throw another franchise in the same one-hour distance from us, but we’re very different in regards to lifestyle and money. I mean, I wish I had their money. I don’t. We’re more of the middle-class of California, whereas they’re absolutely the upper class. I think that the viewers like California, they like the lifestyle, they like the color scheme, and both of our shows are being a hit because of that.”



Vicki should really do something about that ugly pig nose and work on her face and her persona......the fact that she hooks her star to that no good hypocrite Tamara tells a lot about her, birds of a feather flock together...The only half way decent girl on the O.C. is Gretchen, but due to that she get raked through the coals by all the older jealous ones...Lynnr is a complete freak, acting like she's the only person on this planet who can design handbags, can't believe she thinks Gretchen didn't have a right to have her own business too, its not a monopoly!, her kids are out of control ugly brats, she ought to focus on that!


OMG think her boobs are a joke too....hahahaha..can you imagine she actually paid for those things...hahaah....I can't imagine anyone paying for them. She is a riot too, with her phony way she crosses herself all the time. What a fake.... I commented somewhere else about her spending this break getting a total reconstruction of her body...face and body. I bet when we next see her she will have had a facelift, have her lips plumped and hopefully had her tits fixed and had some lipo to her arms, muffin top, hips and thighs. She is kind of chubby, like her kid.


Vicki should get off TV fast. Or Bravo should pay us to watch her and that other wannabe Tamra. The OC show could not get any worse. I don't think these nasty broads watch the playback. Is being nasty and stupid part of the sell? Oh, ok then fine.


As if Vicki would be one to take advice from. lol What a pig.


I love Vicki! She's An inspiration


I can't stand that ugly Viucky, time for her to leave the show, husband already left her ....


could her boobs look any more scary??? yuck!

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