Heidi Montag: I'm Back!

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Heidi Montag is back. Thank goodness?

On Lopez Tonight, the 24-year-old opened up about why she took six months out of the spotlight. Short story, no one cares about her she needed a break!

"I needed a break after such a crazy six years of my life," she said. "And [from] being in L.A. and Hollywood. I've been with my puppies and my husband."

Sweater Puppies

The ex-Hills star said that while her marriage to Spencer Pratt has played out on reality TV, she wouldn't recommend other people to follow in her footsteps.

"It's hard," she said. "[But] it's fun. I would never discourage any one from following their dreams and their passion, and obtaining any success is great."

Obtaining a fake nose, breasts and lips, though? Not so much.

So what's bringing Heidi Montag back into the public eye after this hiatus? She's one of seven stars starring in VH1's new reality show Famous Food.

Her co-stars include Jake Pavelka, Danielle Staub and Ashley Dupre. Yes, really.

"We started a restaurant from scratch. There's seven celebrities...We have to find wallpaper and decorate it, and [find] a menu -- and I found the chef!"

"We are all potential owners or whatever," she said. "And at the end, maybe one person might get chosen to be a partner in the restaurant."

The show premieres this fall on VH1. We can't WAIT.

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