The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: The Chaotic Christening & The Giudice/Gorga Feud

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The women from Jersey are back and worse than ever. I thought Danielle Staub being gone might lighten the drama. Boy, was I wrong.

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    I thought the whole episode was rather entertaining! But I will admit that I am a Real Housewives tragic though! Love all the shows! I thought with Danielle leaving, it would have less drama and hence more boring, but far from it! Bring on the rest of the season! I do think it's sad that these people don't have filters: fighting and swearing in front of the children, yelling at a parent who has a heart condition etc. I guess there's a reason why these people are on tv and why we keep watching them! Sad but true!


    Teresa is a bully and a low life.They file for in court for bankruptsy and goes on spending like a madwoman.How do you get to keep everything and live like that after bankruptsy.Must have good connections legal or otherwise.You are quite an actress aren't you when the cameras are on.No telling what you have done to hurt your brother and sister-in-law in the past when the cameras were off.You are a selfcenter spoiled brat who always has to be the center of attention.Grow Up!


    They are so cool


    After watching that episode last nite just have to feel Theresa .. she tried to appolize and congratualate her brother and sister in law and they treated her like dirt.. whats up with that .. when someone says they are sorry you tell them to get lost and curse at them? these people acted like low life .... the show stinks as far as Im concerned..


    For those of you offended by the cajun stuff - just think of how I feel - I'm an Italian American!!!


    I found Melissa crossing her self and calling on Jesus totally offensive and her thug low brow (literally) husband wearing a big cross while cursing and bad mouthing everyone.

    These people are trash.

    And that sure was an ugly baby.


    Seriously, Teresa is complete TRASH!!! Criminal trash at that! She is acting like she doesn't know what is going on with her bankruptcy but she know full well everything about it!! They are scam artists that are trying to walk away from millions in debt and leave hard working people hanging high and dry! Maybe she should sell all her lavish stuff and pay back all those people? Well, the judge will probably make her do that! HAHAHAHA!! Suck it, Teresa!!


    Treece!!! You should not have to take that BS from Melissa! The Gorgas are star struck- have no place on the show. You, Caroline, and Jacqueline are all that's needed. Hear that Andy?


    I think the whole episode was a disgrace and a waste of viewers time watching that ignoramous of a brother of hers and that two bit whatever sister-in-law of hers. Her cousin is a 2 faced witch. They are a disgrace to the Italians. Andy Cohen should be sorry he hired those 2 losers to be in the show. Won't watch anymore!!


    To Jrzgrl we Cajuns are tired of being portrayed as backwards and illiterate. We don't mumble and then say one clear word. Why in the world would he say that it's the way Cajuns speak. That is a put down in my opinion. Also he still lives with his mother and father. Wow, how old is he? He has no college degree and the only reason he has what he does have is because of his parents. He's just a big -itty in my book. Anyone who says they recognized how he was speaking and that it was the way Cajuns speak must have never come down her!

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