Sarah Palin Revs Up Rolling Thunder Rally

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And... Sarah Palin is off!

The former Vice Presidential (and future Presidential?) candidate kicked off a tour of the country yesterday by participating in the annual Rolling Thunder ride-along in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

Sarah Palin in Leather

Donning a black jacket - and asking bikers how they stay cool in leather - Palin hopped aboard a motorcycle (she's just so American!) and joined many others in a ride from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Veterans' memorial.

Does this act, the opening part of her One Nation East Coast tour, mean Palin is definitely aiming for the White House in 2012?

She wouldn't comment on those rumors yesterday, but one veteran made it clear he was offended if the former Governor used this rally for any political purposes. He told Fox News:

"If she's here to support us and our troops, past, present and the ones that's name's written on the wall, that's fine. This is not a political event other than to call attention to the accounting of our MIAs, KIAs that have not been brought home."

Do you think Palin should run for President?



"the" equation, that is


Here's a novel idea: If you like her, vote for her. If you don't like her, then don't vote for her. Does anyone on either side of equation actually think they can change the minds of the other? Highly doubtful.


as a college educated gay hispanic, Sarah Palin does not scare or annoy me in the least. i admire anyone who has the guts to fight for what they believe, even if it doesn't jive with my beliefs. she didn't come from a rich family or marry a guy that would give her a role in politics. it seems that liberals are the ones behaving like middle school bullies. why not let her fade? why display so openly and consistently your hatred and intolerance of this woman? liberals have become what i used to think conservatives were. no, it's not justified. it's crass and the opposite of what you present yourself to be.


Jump ahead in this race. . . Get a concrete formate. . . Speak from the heeart. . . LEAD!!!! DO NOT talk down the opponents. State answers and goals. . . Real goals. If you can do this . . . Run. If you cannot do this do not run. Read the definitions for concrete and lead.


Leo: You just contradicted yourself.


Valiant veterans & proud patriots all adore Sarah Palin, and she loves us. It's a mutual admiration thingy.


Not even worth a comment!!

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