Sarah Palin Possibly Moving to Arizona; Presidential Campaign Chances Possibly Increase

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Is the Thrilla From Wasilla about to be the ... something from Scottsdale?

Sarah Palin is reportedly purchasing a home in Arizona, reports say, sparking renewed speculation that she's leaving Alaska for "away," a.k.a. the lower 48.

Two local television stations obtained video of what appear to be Todd and Sarah Palin outside the luxurious new digs. The reason for the alleged move?

Insiders have long acknowledged - and continue to do so in conversations - that Arizona would be a perfect place to base a 2012 presidential campaign.

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Distance and flying time make Alaska an impossible hub for such an effort, but regardless of whether she runs, Scottsdale makes sense for other reasons.

The city offers a good launching pad from which to hit the speaking circuit and, eventually, the trail for whichever candidate she backs in the GOP primary.

Daughter Bristol Palin is also set up in nearby Maricopa, where she'll be going to school and filming her new reality show with Kyle Massey and his brother.

So will Sarah really move to AZ - and will she really get in the race? Even her staff seems unsure which way she's leaning. You tell us: Should Palin run?



, I'll still set my shtgis higher on the newly defined totem pole of power and one day get the balls that Sarah has and run for county commissioner. How do you stack up?




When does Bristol have time to go to school if she's appearing in a reality show? Most high school drop outs have no interest in college (that's why they dropped out of high school). I don't get this family. Is McCain kicking himself for opening up this can of worms? Will Sarah run against McCain for Senator? Will the coyote ever catch the roadrunner?


One last thing toni.... Do u really think the republican agenda is resonating wit ppl? If so y did a democrat win a district in n.y. For the first time in 40 yrs? I live in fla and our tea party backed gov has the lowest approval rating out there. Jus 5 mts after taking office his rating is 28%. If u do some research u will find that trend on all november voted in tea party backed govs. So obviously the repubs arent so great either. Obama may nt be the best but compared to the repub party lately.... Hes a god send


Toni.... Have u seen ryans budget plan? Lets see nt too lng ago repubs were lined up talkin how obama wnts to kill ur grandma cuz he wnted health reform a complete effing lie! Now they have a plan to put all seniors on vouchers, glorified coupong i shud say. And if that doesnt cover u oh well u r fuked. Under his plan seniors will pay 8k mre a yr. Every repubs stance right now is cut education. Wow thats fukin stupid and while we r at it lets blame teachers cuz they arent shit either right? Mayb u shud quit regurgitating the fox noise propaganda machine and look shit up urself... U kno,take ur own advice.


Toni u r the joke! First off its funny how u talk shit about the liberal media, as a independent who watches all news i find the right wing media jus as deplorable. Second i wnted to like palin. As a women i wnted to see her go far but then i started hearing things that came out of her mouth. Shes so great yet when her sis divorced palin tried using her power to get him fired. When it didnt wk she fired the police cheif. Look it up fool. Thats ur leader who has so much dignity according to you.


Hey, you vile, sanctimonious, right-winger. Ever here of satire? If you could read, you'd see the "Mexico" was posted under "More SNL Material." If you half a brain, you would have caught that I obviously was referring to Saturday Night Live. But, of course, you couldn't see it through all your blood was boiling and you were ranting like 2-year old. Your very existence is the best advocacy for abortion. If your ilk is the best the Tea-baggers have to offer, it's no wonder you're laughing stocks.


Your idols joy behar and whoopie ugly goldberg = both of them together have the intelligence of HALF of a GNAT. You can also throw in pelosi and their intelligence would still be half of a gnat!!!!


Under your sheeple's radar, only liberal women are smart.... in your feeble little brains..... your liberal women are UGLY, MORONIC, baby killers, have the intelligence of GNATS but your media tells you that they are the opposite and you sheeple believe them.... guess what????? The OPPOSITE of everything your media tells you is TRUE.... Americans know it....... that's why your boy is running he should be!!!!


Some of the comments on this page are the proof that you liberal SHEEPLE repeat everything that your media tells you.... in fact, to the person who posted "i can see mexico from my house..." Did you know that Ms. Palin NEVER said she could see russia from her house - it was your own tina fey on SNL who said that and stupid people such as yourself believe it.... You are parrots, sheeple, you follow the liberal media who created your boy from nothing and he still is NOTHING.... you voted for a community organizer with no qualifications to be president of this country and it shows!!!!! The country is in a mess, moving into a BIGGER MESS and your boy is traveling, campaigning, doing NOTHING.... a community organizer that you sheeple thought could run a country when he RAN NOTHING EVER!!!!! You people are the FOOLS, not Ms. Palin!!!!

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