Maria Shriver: Extremely Conflicted, Emotionally Terrified of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, who announced their surprise split earlier today, had been drifting apart for years, according to reports.

In fact, Shriver had been debating whether to divorce the actor turned Governor since 2009, and was "extremely conflicted" about their marriage.

Schwarzenegger, Wedding Ring

Maria has been unhappy with him for years, sources say, and planned to break up in 2009 until her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, passed away.

Then, Maria wanted to try to break it off with Schwarzenegger again in January 2011, but her father died, once again putting the split on hold.

In any case, insiders say she is fed up with Arnold's infidelities, coupled with the fact he's been "impossible" to live with for myriad reasons.

Moreover, the kids acknowledge the issues and have pushed their mother to call off the marriage, even if it means their parents splitting up.

Despite a strong public persona, Maria has become a "shell of the woman" she appears because she is "terrified" of Arnold in recent years.

Sources emphasize that she's terrified in a strictly emotional, non-physical way.

However, once Maria finally decided to separate from Arnold, he pulled a 180 and he's been "working extremely hard" to win her back of late.

As one source says, "He could not be sweeter now that she's left him."

To make things even more complicated, Arnold and Maria have been spending lots of time together lately, hanging out during Easter, Mother's Day and even their 25th anniversary, which they celebrated together at an expensive hotel.

By and large, though, Maria feels Arnold ignored her for years and feels terribly unappreciated after spending "very little time together" for years. 

Maria was frequently absent from Sacramento while Arnold was Governor.

The situation got worse once Arnold left office and decided he wanted to resurrect his movie career and becoming more erratic and "unstable." 


Maria if you weren't good enough for him then. The you are far to good for him now.Don't get mad get everything......


I'd be cheating too if I was married to a woman who looked like a month old cadaver. Maria does not have a smile, its called a "rictus". I have to say she got it honest, her mother looked the same way, as did all the Kennedy women. Arnie should have fit right in with the Kennedy men in the infidelity arena. They were all cheaters starting with the Patriarch, Joseph. He used to keep his family waiting at the dinner table while he boned his personal assistant upstairs. Nice guy, and it obviously made a lasting impression on his boys.


I pray she doesn't take his 180 seriously. From years of reports, the guy's a cad and a player, just like his deceased male Kennedy relatives were. Stay strong Maria! You were a better woman before you met him.


maria yes arnold is a gud man what take him so long to realise that he love u all the gud things that he is doing let him continue doing it and make sure that is what u want to go back into yes happines is the key without it there can be no family i love arnold to death but he need to know what is inportant do what makes u happy have no regret later on how u live ur life


Sad but wasn't too surprised. They haven't looked happy together in a long time, seems like she was waiting nicely until he was out of the office. Maybe they can now find happiness somewhere else.


@ Rita Fersterer, how the hell would you really know how he is??


With extended life spans, maybe it's time to reconsider the definition of a successful marriage. Perhaps a 25 year union that raised beautiful, healthy children is a success and has run its course. In a time in history when some people are living 100 years, maybe different people will make better partners at varying stages of our hopefully long lives. Of course, I have always had a problem with commitment and discuss my many affairs in My Mother Killed Christ: But God Loves Me Anyway. I have found peace, now at 50, and I hope Maria and Arnold may do the same.


Men get weird after about 45 and get filthy tempered and nutty
probably like women with menopause. He's probably feeling hes
got old and undesirable. Im not into following the stars but
people born certain times have certain traits and yes Lesos are
selfish and insensitive from what Ive seen.


adultery is adultery...Maria does not need to deal with that...or any spouse for that matter.adde to the dangers of AIDs wich kills....and she would not live to see her future grandkids or live a full healthy life. religious views the bible states .is grounds for divorce.She needs to think about the things that are great in her life...her children...who are mostly grown and understand the issues,and being supportive of her. The best thing is get that divorce...and begin life anew. there is a whole world out there at her feet. I saw my mom become a shell with my abusive is not worth it!! he was a cheater too. being female is not being doormat we are not living in the and respect are essential to a succeful happy marriage."keeping only to each other FORSAKING ALL OTHERS" ok?


Yes, Leos are IMPOSSIBLE--drama kings & queens! And they can be so selfish & insensitive. I kind of see that in him. I'm amazed she has hung in there that long. It's easy to love a Leo, but they're just hard to deal with. They need professional counseling!! And Scorpios like Maria can be very jealous and demand fidelity. One woman-that IS marriage...UH-OH!!

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