Lindsay Lohan on Community Service: Let's DO This!

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Lindsay Lohan just showed up to the Downtown Women's Center in L.A. to begin her community service, where she'll be with the homeless, reports say.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lohan to complete 480 hours of community service for her probation violation, with 360 of those hours at the DWC.

Hopefully exposure to people with real problems gives her some perspective.

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While there are reports that Lohan may serve her 120-day jail sentence under home confinement, there's no getting out of the community service.

That's fine by Lindsay, who's determined to take responsibility for her actions and turn over a new leaf in all facets of her life. We applaud that.

Now if only Paris Hilton would stop being MEAN ...

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For someone without a job (a regular one she has to go to daily) she could be doing a lot more than 3 hours a day. Shelters are usually always in need of people to help out. I've been a volunteer in a womans shelter and it was a hard but moving and quite humbling experience for me. Of course I wasn't court ordered to do it so maybe it was diffrent for me. If Lindsay really wants to change herself she needs to stop being "Lindsay Lohan" for a while and really invest herself in helping others while she is there. Perhaps she will, but I think she is just way to self absorbed to do more than the bare minimum required to complete the court order. I doubt she will take any of this to heart.


she should feel right at home with tweaker homeless ppl


Wow, she did maybe 3 hours today, what a hard worker, learning her lesson on how the other half lives. Wish I could go to work at 10am and take off at noon. She is aware that the media is going to tell us her every move and movement.


we learn the hard lindsey, paris was just but stating facts not being mean. chill babe