Lindsay Lohan to Serve Jail Time Under Home Confinement?

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Despite reports that Lindsay Lohan will plead no contest to theft, the star may be poised to avoid going to jail entirely, according to new reports.

Here's the deal. By pleading no contest to misdemeanor theft, it's likely LiLo won't see an uptick in her 120-day sentence for violating probation.

If that takes pace, once she serves 120 days, she's off the hook. However ...

Mmm Lemme Think

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department, which runs the jail where Lindsay must do the time, routinely allows inmates to serve their time at home.

Provided they wear an electronic monitoring device, of course.

Due to overcrowding, the L.A. County Probation Dept. often allows non-violent, misdemeanor offenders to complete sentences at home, too.

Judge Stephanie Sautner has made it clear that Lindsay will be treated just like any other defendant, and will not receive any special treatment.

Thing is, any other defendant would have a good shot at being let off with home confinement as well. Break out the bikinis and ankle monitors!



i cannot not believe her luck!!


This is not even the first time she violated probation, she's been doing so from day one. If I (or any one other that Lindsay) pulled all the crap she has we'd still be in jail. A first time offender getting probation is fairly the norm. But when that person again and again continues to break the rules of their probation something must be done. It's time she pulled a Judge who really means business.


What about repeat offenders, who waste taxpayer money by going to court it seems like every other month? They should do more time in jail and quit wasting the time of the court system on this nonsense.


Lilo & Paris are two overly spoiled Hollywood BRATS who should be locked up in a cell together and have the key thrown away! News Flash Honey's: YOU DO THE CRIME, YOU DO THE TIME! If I did half the stuff you two do, I would still be sitting in jail for it!


i knew it, i knew it,i knew it, i just knew she wasnt going to jail, if this us the regular joe off the street that stole a 2500,00 necklace, we all know he would go to prison for this, i think this is just a shame and disgrace to the justice system, justice only works for the rich we can all see that clearly,,, thanks Lindsey for showing us how it really works for the rich..


Omg she is really badd


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