Lady Gaga Releases, Hypes Born This Way

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It's official, and epic. Lady Gaga's second full-length album, Born This Way, featuring the single of the same name, has officially been released.

The pop sensation shared the news on Twitter Monday, writing emphatically: BORN THIS WAY THE ALBUM IS NOW RELEASED WORLDWIDE.

She even Tweeted a pic of fans waiting in line, saying: - Monsters waiting outside BEST BUY, so cute! No word if Best Buy paid for that plug.

Lady Gaga: Born This Way Cover

The Lady can expect some ferocious sales of her new album.

Gaga is turning her PR machine into overdrive, with an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards last night and lots more planned for this week.

She will perform on The View today, on the big finale of American Idol Wednesday, and on Good Morning America's summer concert series Friday.

All this on the heels of her SNL performances - and three-way with Justin Timberlake - over the weekend. She's born to sell millions of albums ...


Will she be in New York City today and at what time????


@freespirit114 They are waiting outside because she will actually do an in-store signing.


Those are diehard fanatic fans gaga's also doing a album promotion at the best buy in nyc i think. The people that are standing in line don't want the album in months they want it now to support their artist i would love having those fans if i was famous i would gladly show them my appreciation


I'm sorry but why the heck would anyone wait on line outside a store to buy an album? It's not like a limited edition where there are not going to be more. If someone buys it the second it goes on sale it is the same album another person can buy 2 weeks from now without waiting in line for. They will produce as many copies as it takes to make the most money. Again, I'm sorry, but I just don't get why anyone would line up outside a store to buy something (for full price no less) that will be mass produced and will be available to anyone with the $15 price tag for months to come. It's just an album, not even rare. No reason to make a huge deal of it. No one is going to care who bought it first.


I don't know about a million but it's still going to sell big i say atleast 650 or 700k first week

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