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Kesha dropped the dollar sign from her name recently and it seems that with it went the glittery, drunken-Rainbow-Brite-with-a-club-wristband persona that helped make her famous.

Kesha: Hot at the Billboard Awards
Kesha at last night's Billboard Music Awards. Is it just us, or is she looking mighty good these days?

Believe it or not, that's the former K-dolla at last night's Billboard Music Awards, and we think it's safe to say...she cleans up nice.

It's not been an easy year for the love-her-or-hate her pop star. Kesha entered rehab last month after struggling with an eating disorder that was supposedly brought on by her producer Dr. Luke, who reportedly told the singer she looked "like a f--king refrigerator" on the set of a music video.

Well, hopefully Dr. Luke has taken a look at these photos of the new-and-improved Kesha and reversed his diagnosis. We have out doubts about whether that dude ever even finished medical school.

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The 2014 Billboard Music Awards 2014 have come and gone and today we're all a'Twitter with talks about the performances that took place in Las Vegas.

Specifically, who had the best performance at the Billboard Music Awards? In case you missed it, here are Sunday evening's performances in all their glory.

Lorde Billboard Music Awards Performance 2014
Lorde performs "Tennis Court" at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

The Michael Jackson hologram definitely turned a head or two, as the King of Pop danced from the Great Beyond thanks to the use of computers and technology.

And then there was that Miley Cyrus monstrosity where she completely embarrassed the memory of The Beatles via satellite while in their mother land!!

Yikes, Miley!

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The Michael Jackson hologram that "performed" at the Billboard Music Awards was the talk of the event, but would the King of Pop himself approve?

At least one member of his family overwhelmingly believes he would.

"I'd been hearing about the hologram, and people were talking about it, but to see it with my own eyes was incredible, amazing," Michael's brother Jackie said.

"When he got up and started walking around  ... oh, my God, then when he started dancing? Unbelievable," the 63-year-old Jackson continued.

"It took me back. If Michael were here he would say thumbs up!"

As promised, MJ was brought back in lifelike form, singing and Moonwalking to recently released "Slave to the Rhythm" from the singer's posthumous album.

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Country superstars Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood debuted their new duet "Something Bad" at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night.

The title proved to be a misnomer. The song is actually pretty good!

The track appears on Lambert’s forthcoming album Platinum.

While Miranda admitted to being nervous about performing with Underwood, she sure didn’t show it as both women looked, and acted, utterly fearless on stage.

We would expect nothing less from this truly dynamic duo.

There was a surplus of smoky-eyed makeup, leather and leg to go around as the country greats showed that they're even stronger in tandem than apart.

As Miranda Lambert put it, “It’s been too long since two girls in our genre have come together like that, especially on a song that’s kind of in your face.”

Indeed. In your face in the very best of ways, we'd say.

More memorable performances (Michael Jackson hologram!) and moments (Kendall Jenner can't read!) from last night's 2014 Billboard Music Awards below:

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Justin Timberlake was named Top Artist at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards last night, besting Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Imagine Dragons.

Although Justin couldn’t be at the show, he filmed a video to accept the award, his seventh win of the night (see full list of Billboard Music Awards winners).

“Wow! What an honor!” Justin said in the pre-taped clip from overseas, dancing along with his crew and saying that receiving the award was “unbelievable.”

He gave a shout-out to his competition, noting that “I love you guys… it’s not a competition,” but at the same time, “but if it was, I won! And I’m okay with that!”

Timberlake concluded by thanking everyone on Earth except one person. Who did he leave out and make clear that he doesn't know? Find out below ...

Gotta love Justin Timberlake. Always good for a laugh as well as the elite level of talent that has made him worthy of seven awards on any given night.

See more memorable moments from the annual awards show below:

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Robin Thicke's performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards was certainly not one for subtlety. It was basically a three-minute plea to Paula Patton.

In February, just days after his separation from Patton was announced, the singer dedicated his hit "Lost Without U" to her during a concert in Virginia.

Apparently, Paula didn't take him back after that.

But also apparently, three months later, Thicke has still not given up hope. Last night, he debuted a new song called "Get Her Back." Seriously. Watch:

"I never should have raised my voice or made you feel so small," the Canadian crooner implored. "I never should have asked you to do anything at all."

"I don't know what I was thinking letting you go ... I miss you ... I just want you to come back home ... I don't know what to do in the morning without you."

"I should have kissed you longer ... I should have held you stronger."

I should have not grabbed Lana Scolaro's ass ... just a thought.

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Lorde performed her new song "Tennis Court" at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards last night, stunning the Las Vegas crowd with her unique vocal stylings.

The New Zealand teen delivered a dark rendition of the track, keeping the theatrics and lighting on stage to a minimum, as has become her calling card.

Ironically, her all-black outfit seems to help her talent shine even more (and that fashionable hat doesn't hurt either). It's her voice that truly owns the room, though.

Listen to her sing "Tennis Court" below and see what we mean ...

Authentic would be one word to describe the up-and-comer. Raw and rigid would be others, but that doesn't mean she's emotionless. Far from it, in fact.

Unlike the similarly dark Lorde Grammy Awards performance, she could be seen smiling and clearly having fun with the crowd at times during this one.

She certainly had ample reason to smile Sunday. Lorde was among the Billboard Music Awards winners for 2014, winning Best New Artist at the event.

Winning raves for performances both raw and fearless - which also describe her appearance at times - there's no telling how James Lowe's girlfriend can go.

Check out other performances from last night below:

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At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards last night, a Michael Jackson hologram made quite the impression on stage.

Elsewhere, Kendall Jenner failed to read well, Miley Cyrus butchered a classic Beatles song and Katy Perry donned some green hair.

But, come on. Let's face it. Like all events of this nature, the ceremony came down to one thing: Red. Carpet. Fashion.

Who looked best? Who ought to fire his or her personal designer? Flip through a number of photos below and decide for yourself:

Carrie Underwood at the Billboard Music Awards
We adore Carrie Underwood. And we adore this dress on her at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

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Katy Perry made it like your "Birthday" at Sunday's 2014 Billboard Music Awards, even if she couldn't be there in person because she's touring abroad.

Performing live via satellite from Newcastle Metro Radio Arena in England, she put on a neon-packed rendition of her latest single for the Las Vegas crowd:

Sporting a neon pink raincoat and a neon green wig, Katy was assisted on the catwalk by backup dancers ... also decked out in neon costumes and wigs.

At one point, a lucky girl in the crowd holding a birthday poster caught her eye, and Katy brought her up on stage and put her in a decorated throne.

The "Birthday" throne, of course, turned into a spinning birthday cake surrounded by athletic men in birthday-themed suits showing off their acrobatic moves.

It was a Katy Perry concert, after all.

The pop star also took a selfie with the "Birthday" girl in what turned out to be a pretty fun and visually stunning look at the pop star’s Prismatic World Tour.

Watch it for yourself above and check out other memorable performances and video moments from the 2014 Billboard Music Awards after the jump!

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Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea hit the stage at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards for a borderline burlesque performance that was right at home on the Las Vegas strip.

Anybody out there got a “Problem” with that? Didn't think so ...

Iggy warmed up the crowd, backed by a cheering squad of dancing beauties, with a renditon of “Fancy,” from her debut album, The New Classic.

Joined by collaborator Charli XCX, the Australian rapper and blonde bombshell did her thing before the beat dropped and Grande took the stage for “Problem.”

The chart-topping chanteuse continued to explore her sensual side in a very short black and a white leather mini skirt and knee-high go-go boots.

Of course, Iggy Azalea came back out to spit game on her guest verse for "Problem," which also features Big Sean whispering its signature line.

Their powerhouse Billboard Music Awards performance comes just after the track exploded on the Digital Songs chart at #1 and reaching #3 on the Hot 100.

More great performances from last night after the jump:

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