Lady Gaga Performances on SNL: Creepy, Freaky and Awesome!

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When her performances on SNL last night, Lady Gaga almost made her three-way with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg feel like an afterthought.

The singer emerged from an egg yet again, only this time while donning a black latex pregnancy belly (really), then giving birth on stage (yes, really)!

All in the name of a stirring (for better or worse) rendition of “Born This Way.” She also performed her two latest hits, "Edge of Glory" and "Judas."

That effort was less dramatic, though the clothes were almost as wacky, what with the gold headpiece, bejeweled bodysuit and all. Vintage Gaga.

Here are both of her bizarre, but thoroughly entertaining efforts from the season finale, not surprisingly the NBC stalwart's highest-rated all year:


is going to have to learn to ask deilctry to Ex. If he doesn’t start doing it now, his future will be grim.


Love Gaga, not only is she awesomely talented, she writes, she sings, makes incrediblely creative videos, sings LIVE, great concerts and this Lady can ACT!!! love, love Gaga!


I dont care what you guys think ; I love Lady Gaga; she has revived my interest in pop music; I drive 3000 miles every 4 days and I listen to nothing but Gaga. She has rejuvinated my soul with her wonderful creative music.


I really liked the "3 way" video. I thought Lady Gaga looked hot in that.....because she looked like a normal person, but just because she's a good sport too in that.... Lady Gaga is a genuinely nice person that loves her fans and I really like that about her...


It must be frustrating to Gaga that Madonna has done this before her. No wonder she's exhausting herself trying so hard. The way she's going she'll never escape the comparison. You'll never find a young Madonna interview where she describes herself as "a loser" as Lady Gaga does, so I guess Gaga really knows this too. Madonna also never did drugs the way that Gaga has admitted to doing. I mean, all luck to Gaga, but I think she was more original to start with and now she's turning into some Madonna tribute band. I liked her more before.


is it me or does that sounds like radio breaking as in the sound effect at the starting, its like repeating and jerking kind...


Nope. Turned it off as soon as I heard her horrific excuse for a voice.


Even with the over the top antics and crazy clothes the bitch is talented she is really can sing and is a good performer.Love her. buying the new album


She definitely keeps things interesting and her voice is incredible.


Say what you want about her but she definitely can sing and has talent.
I just feel that she has taken the same path as Madonna, with her controversial choice of music.

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