Fashion Face-Off: Kate Middleton vs. Michelle Obama

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Talk about a clash of style titans!

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton met Michelle Obama earlier today during the President's visit to the UK. Her husband, Prince William, was on hand as well.

The big question (besides what they all talked about) is which of these fashion icons dressed best on this grand occasion. That, your votes will determine!

As you can see, Kate opted for a form-fitting tan dress, while Michelle went a more vibrant route. Vote on the winner of this Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at Buckingham Palace, Kate Middleton or First Lady Michelle Obama? Weigh in on a royally awesome style showdown here ... View Poll »

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Unless people are just plan ignorant or in this case racist, you are pitting a white supposed princess (attire, and accessories) against a black womans attire. What do think the outcome of this fake poll is going to show? Especially when most of the people polled are white.


kate is a great women and i love her so much, she is going to be a great queen.


i vote for Michelle though this was not a fashion shw off i dont really know why people hate blacks.. If she still looks hot in her 40s what more would she be if they were the same age??? Do you think Kate will look the same?? She has no child yet but she looks like she just gave birth..She's too skinny i dont see anything fascinating about her!!!What makes her be famous is what the media makes her.. I dont think she can talk sense in public like Michelle.. In brief she can not reason beyond loving William... Dont evevn try to match the two.. Michelle is way better than Kate she looks a damn bitch!!!!


Remember the story of Beauty and the Beast.....Kate is a real Beauty.


Kate looks like a anorexic bitch at least michelle looks way better


I don't know why they keep saying Michelle Obama is a fashion icon!!! She is very short waisted and all her dresses are jacked up under her breasts-making her look like Humpty Dumpty!! She should never wear anything with a natural waistline as she doesn't have one. Catherine's dress was perfection and fitted her slender curves. I bet Jackie O. would be doing 360's if she know she was being compared to Michelle Obama. Get real Michelle - the only taste you have is in your mouth.


Less is more, that's Kate choice for fashion & her total look!


They both look beautiful but Kate looks worryingly thin, I hope she isnt going down the road Diana took. She looked better with her fuller but still slim figure.


I have to say though I voted for Kate since her dress is the more elegant, I love Michelle's too, because it's as bright and positive as her personality, and she's true to her style, and not afraid to use color. Kate's dress is super conservative as fits her style. They are both beautiful. But maybe they could have synchronised before meeting up...


Kate has a great fashion sense; What a difference a decade makes since her college years at St. Andrews. However she's looking thinner these days, hopefully she doesn't have an eating disorder.