Prince William, Kate Middleton Meet Barack and Michelle Obama!

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Having hit Ireland yesterday, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama touched down in London Tuesday for an official state visit to the UK.

On the agenda? Meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Having just returned from their honeymoon in the Seychelles, the newlyweds happily greeted Barack and Michelle Obama in Buckingham Palace. Check it out:

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Barack and Michelle Obama

"So last week I caught a fish this big ..."

Britain's golden couple were still glowing from their royal wedding and subsequent retreat off the east coast of Africa as they talked with the First Family.

Chatting with the First Lady, Kate Middleton looked wonderful in a tan, form-fitting dress. William and Barack look engrossed in a talk about ... something!

Upon their arrival at the Palace Tuesday, the Obamas were also greeted by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, who gave them a tour of the premises.

In a rare honor, the President and First Lady were then given a 41-gun salute by Scots Guards in red jackets, who also played the Star Spangled Banner.

The President and Mrs. O will reside for two nights a six-room suite, last used by William and Kate on their wedding night. Wonder if ... eh, forget it.



Hey prince & princess, from the bottom of our hearts we love u very much, wishing u all the happiness the world can give u..bertha, chisanga & musonda (sisters) our biggest wish is to meet u**much love


From the way Kate looked i dont think any sense came out of her month...Brushing her hair in a funny way..she looked liked she was not sure of what to say!!! LOl do more coaching gal as you gonna be meeting intellectuals..


May God Bless those two most beautiful ladies and their wonderful good looking husbands and their families, they are all full of joy. President Obama and First lady Michelle you both are doing a great job. Prince William and Kate a happy lovely couple wish you the best.First lady Michelle Obama thank you for the visit to San Antonio, Texas.


WOW!they look good.

Avatar beautiful! This is the perfect kodak moment! *sigh*


what is he doing in Ireland and Great Britain anyway? Isn't this what the Vice President is for? Photo OPs? Whats his name, Biden, is not a mouth like Cheney, and we are having one disaster after another, and with Obama it is like 'where's waldo' but Where's the President' and we are shown a globe. any word on why Pelosi's district got 20% of obama's healthcare waivers? Her office says there is nothing wrong with her getting 20% of the waivers, while the other 80% are divided by the other 51 democratics senators, 195 democratic members of the house, and whoever else gets a cut....... uhm, yeah thats fair Nancy...


No they were right its BARACK!! And kate looks great!


Lol at the photo caption


Michelle wears the cutest clothes!!! Oh I am sorry, I mean The First Lady wears the CUTEST clothes!!!


@ Mrs. Pennister...Then it should also be Prince William and not just William. Who really cares anyways what someone calls them in an article. Give some time to the shattered lives in Missouri...and Wisconsin...Show some feelings for the Americans who put you in that job....they can also vote you out!!!!

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