Dr. Travis Stork: Engaged to Dr. Charlotte Brown!

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Dr. Travis Stork was once The Bachelor. Now he's just the fiance.

Stork proposed to his girlfriend of two years, pediatrician Dr. Charlotte Brown, while vacationing on the island of Lanai in Hawaii recently. Congratulations!

Brown accepted. No wedding date has been set yet, but Stork, who now co-hosts the talk show The Doctors, and his bride-to-be couldn't be happier!

Travis Stork and Charlotte Brown

Travis Stork and Sarah Stone likely had the shortest engagement in The Bachelor history, breaking up before the After the Final Rose special even aired.

But things happen for a reason, right? Surely he and Charlotte will make this work. On a side note, this guy once dated Carrie Underwood! Amazing.


Booooooooooooooo Swingers!!
Married Couples trading Partners!!
Quit living a Double Life!!


I love the show but Dr Travis so many of your sentences you speak your tone goes lower and lower until we cannot make out what you are saying. nothing wrong with our hearing. Could you please speak up


you dam suck like dis..dis?dis what ?dis nut


الف مبروك د.ترافيس نتمنى لك حياة سعيدة Thousands Times Congraculations ,Best Wishes


I now see that Dr. Stork has finally gotten married,CONGRADULATIONS.


Dr. Stork is the greatest! I would love having him at our hospital in LA. And his wife is a darling, doing her thing as a Dr. too.Best wishes to both of them.


congratulations! I'm happy for both of you:). I sometimes watch the Doctors show. i love it and learn a lot.


Well congrats Dr. Stork I always watch The Doctors and i love the show because I always get very good tips about how to keep a healthy life style. And I must admit besides that I also watch it because you look so handsome and you make the show even more entertaining. I also want to thank Doctors Lisa Jim and Andrew because between you 4 every advice and opinion you guys give is helpful and good again Congrats Dr. Stork wish you all the best love happiness and harmony in your married life and to thank you for everything :)


Hey I am very happy hear that you are in engaged


She so weet you have to live her pls forever

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