Danielle Staub: The Naked Stripper Pics

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Danielle Staub has left The Real Housewives of New Jersey, predicted the demise of that franchise and moved on to greener pastures.

Or naked, seedy, degrading pastures, to be more accurate.

The former reality star and current Ray J sex partner has signed a three-year deal with Scores, a strip club in New York. The contract calls for Staub to do one live appearance and occasionally appear on the establishment's website.

Want a sneak peek at (for some reason) at the ex-Real Housewife getting real naked on stage? Read on...

Danielle Staub Stripper Pic

Visit TMZ for plenty more nauseating shots.


Wow, are you kidding me, really? All of the housewives are drama queens...first time I saw the show...today, a rerun lmao, these ppl all need lives, it's funny how u'll watch their drama and comment on it. Not one of them has dignity, well Caroline comes the closest. No class or sophistication. Just a bunch of loud mouths bickering and talking behind one another's backs....hmmm...sounds just like high school. Title should be...Idiots of New Jersey


Wow, I had no idea they had the technology to animate cadavers!!!! When ur getting mail marked "AARP" and "Medicare", stripping probably isn't a good idea! Hope they have a "blind night"!


I was from Jersey once, Toms River to be exact. I sure would love to have a taste of that delish MILF!


I was truly hoping that you would do a book or something that had more class then this. You need to do a biography about your life in you words, I would defiantly reed it. So, move on and find something that will make your kids proud on. I am someone that cares, Sherlene


Get a body. Get a life. Sad sad person. Ewww!


She needs to put it away...she has the body of an old woman(like me ):) and who wants to look at that ???? ewwwwww!


Yea right, you wishes you could do that professionally. And you know your daughters will be seeing and hearing about all this so why don't you put some clothes on and find some dignity!!
Get a life Get a job!! And no being a reality t.v. whatever it is you do is not considered a really JOB, just to let you know!!
Fucking looser whore!


That's just disgusting


she has no body, i have more rolls than her. she needs a real job


She is a sad, pathetic person.

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