Danielle Staub and Ray J Sex Tape: Coming Soon?

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Move over, William and Kate. Two people truly meant for each other have reportedly come together.

According to Media Takeout, Danielle Staub was caught locking lips with Ray J this week. In the photo posted on the site, Brandy's brother is leaning down to lay one on the former Real Housewife of New Jersey, who responds by raising a champagne glass.

Danielle in NYC

THG's research shows this to be the first time in recorded history that two people with separate sex tapes have found love. (Vomit from Staub's naked images HERE and re-familiarize yourself with Ray's work HERE.)

It's clear this pair is meant for each other. The only question remaining: what will they title they own intercourse video?


at least Kim was pretty, Danielle looks like a sad Tranny (sorry I don't mean to insult Trannies). Danielle will do whatever to stay in the public eye, good or bad. Last year she was a Lesbian, what will be next a 90 year old?


wtf! she ugly anyway


eeeewwwwww!!!!!! Nasty!!!!!!!!!!! Barf!!!!!!!!!


I Lovee Ray J As A Person But Truthly Speaking I Think He Should Give Up Singing Because He's Making More Money Making Sextapes Than Singing. Lol Just A Thought. : )


this is wrong. pamela anderson and rick soloman are married i think.


sometimes scenarios like this is about lust and attention and the expectation of bs coming from it and no connection whatsoever. everyone should leave them alone lol...i am glad w.houston and her money have moved on to prince. lol....that wont last if they are even serious than a one night stand or stand of a kiss lol but if more attention is given negative energy or positive olderwoman ilf's rejoycing who knows. lol it turns me on nonetheless as long as he doesnt go the route his been lol...if kimmy could see him now and to think she got butt naked for the world for him lol. though this i dont see as real love the reason relationship dont last today is because ppl are not ppl they love but who they think other ppl will like or accept and so many other things that do are wrong choices most couples who last have a bond and emotional connection that could make it through anything that is what i notice from the haves adn have nots! but it takes a quality type of man and woman for that.


I don't get it,why are people talking about these two nut crackers?When they could be talking about breezy's new video with his boy toy Justin Bieber.long live Chris Brown.


not to tee off the many non blacks who may be offended by this and i hope this leads to more discussion on twitter about black hair and tone and who is better and best as blakc men always make me proud when theya re they best. i love all the benefits it gives. and i love to see a sad woman make them a black male version of their petty selfs and this does not apply to the petty ones if there are any of those left or out there. i could refer them to stalk to the cluthc site. too bad that can sprout a babe. she may be a very nice lady and i see nothing wrong with her but why do iget the feeling she might be type i think she is especially knowing somethings i have seen him do an dsay and some of his associates lol..i can only hope that the black, biracial and non black girls he dated pick more of their mathc. lol. and leave the karma to come as black ppl are not going progress so might as well as friends in the poophole .


i wish there were more rappers in that room like the one he knows who doesnt have any more chains?


I just vomited in my mouth. She could be his mother. Who would want to see her in any film? She is very unattractive, not even pretty enough for RuPaul's drag race. Her poor children have to be so embarrassed that this is their garbage bag of a mother. Her ex should be trying to get custody. What a piece of trash.

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