Danielle Staub: I Need Help!

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Danielle Staub is going from the pole to the couch.

A day after naked photos of the reality star stripping at Scores hit the Internet, Staub says she's walked away from that gig and is seeking professional help for problems anchored in childhood sexual abuse.

"I have addictions with love and low self-esteem, and I need help," Danielle tells People. "For years I have had the suicide hotline on my cell phone and would like nothing more than to free myself from this constant pressure."

In Need of Assistance

While we don't doubt Staub has issues and we hope she solves them soon, it's a bit hard to take the former Real Housewife of New Jersey seriously when she's filming a reality show right now with Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka - and when she says she has "sought out" Dr. Drew for assistance.

"Seeing how I have hurt myself and my family this time," Staub says, "I can no longer push it behind me."

But she can make sure we all watch this struggle on our television screens.

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this woman makes me week! I live In Australia so I'm only up to the ep of when there is an event at the brown stone for a poor little sick baby. Why did Danielle have to get thugs? She acts as if somebody was going to jump her! Doesnt she get that NOONE cares about her artificial ass!? She plays out to be a victim when shes ALWAYS the perpetrator! She is such an attention seeking whore who needs to get over herself!! Oh and p.s she musnt have been a good model because I'v never seen her anywhere!! P.p.s Jesse your comment made me LOL! (: keep it up!


Sorry Dee, i cannot agree with you here. Honestly, i don't usually throw things out there the way i did, but this twit is beyond understanding. I can't even empathize with her. Like i said, i am pissed at myself for having such strong distain. But, i will say, good for you for taking the high road. I wish i could feel like you do. But, I wish more that I could meet her face to face just so i could slap the shit out of her and pull out MORE of her hair!!! I WOULD SNATCH THAT BITCH BALD!!! See?!? God forgive me, but I can't help myself.


Seriously Guys and Girls.. You don't have to like her or how she lives her life, but she is still a human being. She still deserves a little dignity and respect no matter how you feel about her, Someone's mother , daughter and possibly sibling. We don't know what causes people to be the way they are at times. She clearly has problems that go way back to when she was young.


Danielle, SERIOUSLY? This disgusting piece of trash makes my skin crawl. I tried so hard to like her, yeah, shame on me, but i really did. I have NEVER despised someone as much as this whore. I wish I could just punch her in that plastic surgeried, hideously warped, ugly nosed, face of hers. If i was a millioniare, i'd have that bitch put out of her misery, it would truly be a mercy killing - that kind of euthanasia should be legal. And, I can't help but being pissed at myself for letting her get to me like she does. I can't even describe the reasoning - but trust me, i hate her. If I was her, i would really just blow my fucking brains out!!!


Just looking at her it's clear she has issues with low self-esteem. Whatever happened to growing old gracefully? She's just another plastic surgery addict who can't face the simple fact that she's getting old. It's a pity, because there's a lot of beauty and dignity that come with old age, and she just can't see it.


LOL Jesse! Hilarious and great advice! Hope she gets the hint.


U bet ur ass she needs help....BAD!! Why do people try to hold onto their 15 minutes of fame LONG after the time is up?? And who the hell would pay to see that dinosaur strip??!! Didn't know they had stripper poles in psych wards and nursing homes! Danielle, if u can't handle it, prepare a warm bath and pop open a vein!!


Yea you do need mental help fast. Whatever your fucking issue is deal with it and move on. How fucking old are you to have to still cry like a little baby? Get it togther!


oh another fame whore claiming they are addicted to love...if she really wanted to end what people think of her she would not continue to make sex tapes & strip & go on realty shows. I feel for her daughters, could you imagine other kids parents allowing their children to go over Danielle's house to play. She is gross & hasn't changed her ways from her past when she was a drug dealing prostitute.


Last year it was babies, this year the new thing is being molested as a child, bullied, and having some sort of mental disorder... I am so glad I am not a celebrity...

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