Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka, Ashley Dupre and Danielle Staub Team Up For Reality Show

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Who are Danielle Staub, Ashley Dupre, Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka?

I'll take people who totally need to star in a reality show for $800, Alex.

Enormous Fake Boobs

Yes, this is really happening. The Real Housewives of New Jersey prostitution whore, actual prostitution whore, former Hills star and former Bachelor are filming a show called Cafe Med. They were seen on Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, Calif.:

The premise for this ridiculousness? They are going into the food business together. Sort of. Cafe Med puts these reality stars under the pressure cooker!

"They are revamping a restaurant from the ground up," says a source on the set of the new VH1 series. "They started shooting it this past weekend."

The cast will be tasked with opening a restaurant in just 28 days.

Not a very long period, that's for sure. It's around the length of time Heidi Montag between plastic surgeries, or that Jake was engaged to Vienna Girardi.

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Vienna is such a whiner!


Hope danielle doesnt burn a hair extension.


Wonder if she will have her body guards with her to protect her from the rest of the cast?? We all know how persecuted she likes to feel, hopefully they will have gun checks every day to make sure she isn't carrying a gun, when she gets mad at somebody! I have a feeling, no one will watch this show anyway, and it will go the way of the last show Heidi Montag did..... just fade away into oblivion....


That's funny D-Lister! I'm not sure what to think, I don't like any of them but put together they may just make a terrific train wreck to watch.


Looks like a table of has-beens. There 15 min. is up-don't give them any more!!


just the name of the article made me pass it up. but then again...i had to read what these plastics are cooking up. and from the looks of it a waste of money. why would ppl waste money on ppl who are uninteresting...they could have gotten three regular people off of the streets and made them do the same thing there doing. and letting me being one of them. there not in it for the people or the restraunt, they want their 5 seconds of fame & a couple thousands throwing in there coach bags. can i smell a gold digging scheme...


It looks like Heidi is starring down at her own (very fake) boobs in this pic. LOL. These people were picked for a show about making a restaurant work? Really? Add them all together and you still won't even get a 2 digit IQ. Guess in reality show land the dumber you are the more they want you. It's kind of sad if you think about it.

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