Arnold Schwarzenegger to Face Lawsuit Over Birth Certificate Scam?

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Might the wandering penis of Arnold Schwarzenegger land this disgraced politician in major legal trouble?

According to Fox News, Rogelio Baena - the ex-husband of Arnold's baby mama and former housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena - told a Colombian newspaper this week that he plans to sue the former Governor.

On what grounds?

Loser Cruising

Rogelio's name appears on the birth certificate of his 13-year old son, the boy Schwarzenegger has admitted is actually his.

If Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena - who told the press today she's disgusted by her family members going public with various scoops and interviews - conspired to falsify a birth certificate, they could be subject to serious repercussions in California.

This is tough news for the movie star. But at least he can take comfort in the fact that he pretty much took Gigi Goyette's virginity.

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why do men who get high cause thats wat arnold did he got high when he decided to lay his butt down with that monster an cross his wife . iam so sick of men who think that if they got money they can do wat they want to women who stands by them threw all their lies an come to find out they are straight liers.ll that crap about ill be back was real shit to him. he is garbage.....


What's Ahhnuld's busiest day on the calender? Answer: Father's Day.


What is it about governors and the urge to cheat??
In recent years there was the governor of New York cheating with call girls, the governor of New Jersey cheating on his wife (with his male companion) while she was in the hospital delivering their child, and please don't get me started on the governor of South Carolina who took a hike, and ended up in Argentina. He ducked out on his security to go be with a woman who he later described on TV in front of an audience of his staff members how he had met and fell in "luv" with another woman, and letting it be known "that I have been unfaithful to my wife" Mark Sanford boldly talked about this woman from Argentina so much that he sound like he had fell out of "a love tree" and bumped his head.
By Now I can easily believe that Arnold's wife is beginning to look more and more beautiful to him since the News of their separation has gone public!!

Wv peach

Arnie and John Edwards have a lot to atone for.


Funny how "now" the ex-husband wants to sue! Could it be *only* because Arnold has money? Gosh, is there anyone left descent in the world with any morals and values in our society or are we left with just a bunch of miserable, hungry-to-sue people? I for one, am so tired of people such as this ex-husband. He wants one thing; money!!!


I heard the baby was born in Kenya and was raised in Hawaii. Here we go again!


I know that you had a blockbuster hit with the movie Eraser,but you are in the rare position of Not being able to erase the damage that "outside women" can bring to help cause the downfall of a politician. In the final analysis: Sometimes wanting is better than having, and I am just saying!!


I feel sorry for Arnold 'cause everyone is getting on his business now. Hell no he's not wanting the money because he's more mature than that.


From what the news has said this women didnt even tell arnold til the kid was a toddler so theres no way they can charge him with conspiracy... Maybe after the fact since she did tell him at some point but ive always been told once a man signs a birth certificate hes stuck even if he isnt the real father. This man jus wnts money. The situation is fuked up but ppl shudnt jus sue cuz they got their heart broken. Money wont fix that its really all about revenge and the courts dnt need to be used like that.

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