Gigi Goyette Describes Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Physical," "Sexual"

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Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a special place in the heart and groin of Gigi Goyette.

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    he'll be back..LOl


    To Jetman 101: You can take your comment and shove it far up your ass cuz I could give a shit what you think happened!! And don't fucking call me uneducated cuz you can't even spell dumb cuz that is you are not me!!
    I can say what ever the fuck I want to eat it ASSHOLE!!
    Fuck you and the horse you road on!


    Like she fucking slept with him!! I swear half the fucking planet has slept with him! Honestly though-- how sad for Maria if it is true! And damn, he must have stamina!


    The only reason for her to come forward is that she and Jane Seymour have some revenge in them? Were they jilted back then? Did they think he would leave his wife for them?
    Unfortunately, in my youth, I had an affair with a married man who, surprise, surprise -- never left his wife. If he was NOW splattered all over the news for cheating with someone else, I certainly would not come forward and announce that I had had an affair with him too. I would not want the world, or his wife to know. Why relive that mess? The only thing I would gain is humiliation and NOT forgiveness. Forgiveness largely has to come from oneself.


    @monkey this message is for you. It is clear you don't know shit. I know the facts first hand and this wasn't at all about money for her. She was approached by many reporters offering $ and she declined them all and granted one interview only to apologize and put the past behind her. It's clear you have to much time on your hands and your education is as small at your brain you dum fuck. Haven't you heard of forgiveness and redemption ass hole.


    Ahnuld's been a busy boy!


    OMG you crack me up LEO!!
    Getting some fans here huh??


    I meant *freespirit114 instead of spirit114!!


    I Now recognize why "The Arnuld" was so good at using his famous catch phrase "I'll be back",it wasn't just meant for his movies, but for all those women that he was juggling while living a double life as a husband,father,father figure, actor,politician and sperminator!!


    @ me:
    I guess some women just want to be associated with a famous man, even if they make their own selves look low in the process!!
    @ Monkey:
    Evidently "The Arnuld" has been a very busy man. Just because he was born in "The Year of the Pig" (1947) did Not mean that he had to stray around the house and out of the house, getting samples here and there!!

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