American Idol Elimination: Who are the Finalists?

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American Idol is down to its final two.

After 95 million people cast votes this week, Nashville residents Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery will do battle on Tuesday night to decide the season 10 title.

Yes, this means Haley Reinhart was voted out last night.

Farewell, Haley Reinhart

"My oh my," Haley said about learning the news. "This is the biggest platform any girl, anybody, could ask for. I rocked it out, and I had a blast."

Reinhart then sang a tremendous farewell song, belting out "Bennie and the Jets" to the judges and then to Jacob Lusk and Naima Adedapo in the audience. We'll miss her.

Did viewers make the right choice?


Scotty's great. love his tone and how he sings...but haley deserves to be in the finals...dont get me wrong though, lauren's amazing but haley for me is better...


blah blah blah losers!!!i love scotty and lauren..they're the best for me!i prayed so hard for them!they deserved to be the final 2!ther are really great!


No doubt they came all the way being the best and i think Lauren and Scooty deserve it. We shall watch out on stage both digging it together for the winner to emerge. Wish them goodluck.


Haley is a terrific human being and a great performer! When she sings softly and playfully, she brings feeling and delight back to music. On some of her songs, she does better than the original performers. I will miss her. Though I rarely buy CD's, I intend to buy hers. What but jealousy can explain the slander and petty viciousness that the Haters directed at Haley, even after her elimination? American Idol is dead, now that all of the interesting performers have been eliminated.


Lauren = Lame.
Scotty is a shoe-in.


larine and scotty derserve it


I dont think America will even buy Haley's record.


I love Haley. But she'll be successfull with or without the win. Same as many of the top 13. Good luck to all these winners..


If it couldn't be James, I am glad it is Scotty and Lauren.I haven't watched since James was voted off. It just wasn't the same without him there. I think he got screwed with the voting numbers getting screwed up last week. He deserved to be the winner, hands down and I am sticking to it! What a shame!


Watched show Wednesday night for the second time this season. Was absolutely bored beyond reason. That said, it would appear that all the manipulation done by judges and Levine payed off, they got the two country youngsters together in the finals. Certain these kids will have a nice career in country music. Not my genre.


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Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

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