Amber Portwood Loses Custody to Gary Shirley, Celebrates 21st Birthday With Gary Shirley

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Just two days after losing primary custody of her daughter, Leah, to baby daddy and occasional fiance Gary Shirley, Teen Mom wreck Amber Portwood partied it up with Shirley at a bar to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Pretty standard for the Anderson, Ind., couple.

Congratulations to Amber on reaching the big 2-1, and more importantly, for marking the milestone last Saturday but not getting arrested! Baby steps!

Amber, Gary, Leah Picture

Amber, Gary and Leah make one big, happy family. Emphasis on .. forget it.

We actually haven't heard much from Amber Portwood in recent weeks, which likely means she's staying out of trouble and getting her $h!t together.

Well, maybe not, but let's take a glass-half-full attitude in honor of her birthday, shall we? She could certainly use all the help she can get ...

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She seeks attention n she jst is a wreck,period


I think Gary is by far the more responsible of the 2, so in that way it was a right decision, but it must be hard for the girl because a mother just means so much more to kids her age, so it's still a sad situation.


by the time I was 21 me & my husband who is the same age had a 2 year old & a 2 month old. He worked 2 jobs to put food on the table & our kids never went without anything or having both their parents caring for them. We grew up the day I became pregnant. We lived in our own place, paid our own bills & never let anyone watch our kids except the grandparents. I could not imagine behaving the way these "Teen Moms" behave. It sickens me that they put themselves before their kids. We are still together & now have 3. The oldest just started college. It's time for these "Moms" to grow up & stop trying to be famous & be parents.


Meh, might as well drink up, i would if i was jusymt one big tabloid joke.

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