16 and Pregnant Stars Jamie McKay and Ryan McElrath: Lots of Arrests!

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Jamie McKay and Ryan McElrath star on 16 and Pregnant. They also star in the local police blotter, having been arrested four times in the past year alone.

Jamie was popped for assault in January for an incident involving a classmate.

McKay punched the girl in the back of the head twice, or 91 fewer times than Jenelle Evans pounded Britany Truett. The case was eventually dismissed.

16 and Pregnant Mug Shots

As for Ryan McElrath, 18, who Jamie, 17, says has a coke problem, he was busted for cocaine, weed possession and underage drinking. Separately.

Ryan was also busted for "assault on a female" and resisting police officers back in November. McElrath's alleged victim was not McKay, interestingly.

McElrath says these are all false accusations and can be explained ... well, not the DUI and speeding thing. He totally did that. But the rest!!

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i personly know ryan. he may have had some issues but he truely loves jamie and their child. he's young living and learning. non of us are perfect and thank god not all of us have our issues splattered all over tv. Hes a good kid with huge heart t.v does not show all....


I felt so bad for Jamie when I watched this episode of 16 and pregnant. She really, honestly wanted her daughter to have a father. In a way, Ryan did love his daughter, but he from the start proved to be an unreliable liar. So she was torn between her daughter having a father who loved her, and her daughter having an irresponsible and unreliable father. Then to find out that he cheated on her, while he keeps making her out to be the bad person, I can understand why she'd get wound up. She keeps trying to do what's best for her daughter and he keeps screwing it up - it's frustrating. A daddy should always have a right to see his daughter, the question is how. With supervision would be the only solution in this case.


what a bunch of idiots....


okay people the reason jamie got charged was because she beat up the girl that ryan was cheating on her with while she was pregnant i mean who wouldnt? the girl new that she was pregnant, ! jamie is a good mom you seen her leave ryan because of the way he acted and she wants drug tests before he can see her daughter so before you know the whole story dont run your mouth kk thanks . if you want someone to call a bad mother go talk shit to janelle!.


So sad. The only person that is truly going to hurt from these young, dumb, know it all kids are their babies.


getting pregnant is cool and gettin someone pregnant-way too cool


typical. Theses kids need better parents also if they good role models they wouldnt have to pregnant in the first place.


this is a great case of TRASH!


What is going on lately with teens and violence? And drug use for that matter. It's not just the teens on this show but we hear more about them because they are "famous" (or maybe infamous is a better term). Although we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, assulting someone else is a consious decision to do harm to another person. Unacceptable. Doubly so when you have a child. Your margin for error in life shrinks when you are a parent because the mistakes you make in your own life affect not only you but also your child who had no choice in the matter. If these teens think they are grown enough and mature enough to raise a child then they should also be grown enough and mature enough not to do this crazy stuff and to start doing whatever is required to make sure they are good role models for their children. Time to put your big kid pants on and step up people!! I feel sad for their innocent kids.