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Nick Hogan is ready to wife up girlfriend Breana Tiesi!

The spawn of wrestling god Hulk Hogan tells TMZ that he and his GF of nearly three years have been tossing the idea of marriage around for a while now.

Their engagement, which he says is going down ANY DAY NOW, isn’t planned as a surprise. That’s good, since he told a celeb gossip site and not her:

LuAnn de Lesseps & Tom D'Agostino Are Officially Married!

Engaged? Soon to be engaged? Who knows. Happy together? Yup!

Hogan says he purchased a giant ass ring VERY recently to pop the question.

It’s most likely round with some kind of rock on it. Just a hunch right there.

Congratulations to the happy couple when and if this goes down. It’s nice to see that Nick has made it back so far from his days in solitary confinement.