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Nicolas Cage wasn’t thinking clearly in a drunken, disoriented state last month when he couldn’t remember where he was staying, but he is in the clear now.

Charges stemming from his hilarious, drunken arrest last month have been dismissed. He won’t be prosecuted for domestic abuse or disturbing the peace.

The star was arrested April 16 after a late-night fight with wife Alice Kim. Cage was wasted and didn’t even have his eyes open in his subsequent mug shot.

Alice Kim, Nicolas Cage
Photo via Getty Images

“The New Orleans District Attorney has confirmed to me that no charges of any kind will be pursued against him,” Cage’s attorney, Harry Rosenberg, said.

“After their investigation, the DAs refused all charges against Nick and the matter has been closed. We’re pleased that the process led to the correct result.”

“Nic has been cleared and all charges have been dropped.”

He and Alice Kim were arguing over where in New Orleans they were staying. She tried to coerce him home, but insisted he was never abusive to her.

Long story short: No harm done. No charges filed. Lesson learned, hopefully, for Nic. One of the best celebrity mug shots ever taken. Moving on.