The Gentler Side of James Durbin

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Last night's American Idol featured Pia Toscano's performance and then everyone else. Fans and the judges still love some James Durbin, however.

James brought a lot of emotion to The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," showing an entirely different side of a popular, dynamic performer.

The high notes at the end? Maybe not the clincher he'd hoped for. The guitar accompanying him throughout? Slightly off. Just something about it.

Nevertheless, "It's nice to see the other side of you," Jennifer says. "It's so special to watch, and special that you're vulnerable enough to share it."

"I loved seeing the real, true emotional side of James Durbin," Randy added. "I can tell, even in this moment, it's an emotional thing for you."

Did this make your emotions run high? Watch and comment below:


James durbin is the best that's ever been on american idol..I wish he would sing "fly to the angels" by slaughter!!


Vote like crazy for he is the best !!! SEE WHAT happen TO PIA. vote the whole 2 hours and the computer what ever it takes. Talk is a a Scotty / Lauren finale, NO WAY!!!!!! I want my rocker in there.


The judges should break the rules and save PIA. If not the show loses it glamour, meaning and justice.


James Durbin has been my favorite since day 1. I am already a big loyal fan of his. His pure and melodic voice, passion and touching story are an unbelievable combination. I really want him to win it all. He has by far the most pure talent and an imcomparable stage presence - boy can he put on a show - I can just picture him in concert and can't wait.
I am sorry to see Pia go, as she had the second best pure voice on the show and I believe she has a big career ahead of her as well. Noone is safe -VOTE VOTE for James Durbin!!!!!!!!!


I love him so much and I am literally addicted to his voice. I came of age in the 80's and this is the real sound of rock, can't wait until the CD's on the shelves!!!


It really tugged at my heart strings and brought tears to my eyes. Keep being you James, you will go along way.

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