James Durbin rocked out for American Idol judges in San Francisco and earned a ticket to Hollywood. The aspiring singer has quite the...

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James Durbin rang in the new year in the most romantic way possible: the former American Idol finalist married long-time girlfriend Heidi Lowe!

Guests at the ceremony, which took place Saturday in Santa Cruz, California, included other past Idol favorites Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams.

"We are so in love and happy that we got to share our special day with our closest family and friends," Lowe and Durbin told People. "This wedding was the perfect way to kick off the New Year. We are looking forward to living happily ever after."

Durbin and Lowe have a two-year old son named Hunter. He served as ring-bearer at the ceremony.

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There's no rest for the talented.

Just days after they all performed on the season 10 finale of American Idol, champion Scotty McCreery and the rest of the final four took to the stage again in Atlanta. They were on hand to help open a new Microsoft store in the city.

On a hot afternoon, Scotty performed "I Love You This Big," "Gone" and "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not," while Lauren went with "Flat on the Floor" and "Like My Mother  Does." Haley Reinhart and James Durbin also belted out a few singles, all of which are posted below. Watch and enjoy!

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He aimed to bring heavy metal to American Idol all season long, and James Durbin truly got his chance to do so on last night's finale.

The impressive artist took to the stage alongside Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford and sang a duet of both :Living After Midnight" and "Breaking the Law." It was some way to kick off the two-hour show, which culminated in Scotty McCreery being named season 10 champion.

But might we have a case of Chris Daughtry on our hands? It's not hard to see Durbin going on to enjoy the most successful career of any contestant this year.

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Early in his American Idol run, James Durbin resented comparisons to Adam Lambert.

Now, the just-ousted finalist resents comments recently made by the former runner-up. In an interview with month with The Hollywood Reporter, Lambert said of Durbin:

"I think he's got talent and passion 100 percent, but I feel like he's trying way too hard. Also, his niche is so limited with the metal... I didn’t feel like I was seeing an original artist. And I'm not saying he doesn't have that in him, but it hasn’t been showing."

James Durbin on Stage

In response, Durbin said to MTV: "I was nothing more than nice to that guy and, you know, he decided to take it to a different level. So, whatever."

Watch his interview below and sound off: Was Adam out of line?

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James Durbin has to be honest: he didn't see his elimination coming on Thursday night.

The aspiring rocker tells MTV he "definitely" was surprised by the development, and has spent the time since remember why he originally auditioned.

"It's for my family and to try and give a voice to a genre of music that seems like it's slowly fading away," Durbin says. "I really accomplished a lot on the show, and I'm grateful for the opportunity."

Farewell, James Durbin

We all saw James fight back tears after learning of his fate, but he's now accepted it. And is excited about all the future has in store.

"I haven't failed at all," he said. "This is just the beginning.

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James Durbin opened and closed American Idol last night.

The aspiring rock star kicked off the final four performance show with a rendition of one of the most popular songs of all-time: Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." He did so with a full band and was showered with praise afterward, with Randy saying: "That was the highest degree of difficulty - and you did it!"

Durbin then waited awhile and took the stage to conclude the evening's performances.

This time, with an assist from mentor Lady GaGa, he went with "Love Potion No. 9," ending up holding the final note for ages while standing in the audience.

"I wasn't sure about that song for you... but you just told me that I was absolutely wrong," Jennifer gushed about a cover you can watch below.

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James Durbin, along with Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, is "in it to win it."

So sayeth Randy Jackson in an apparent attempt to get Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk voted out. Did James live up to the judge's high praise on Wednesday?

Mostly. The Idol hopefuls picked songs both new and old, getting advice from Sheryl Crow. James began with Thirty Seconds to Mars' "Closer to the Edge":

Jimmy Iovine says James' voice fits better with this kind of material than it does with the '80s hard rock he likes so much, but that's somewhat debatable.

It was almost impossible to hear the band at first, though once the sound was more balanced, James did sound pretty good. Same with his next number.

Follow the jump to see the rocker's take on the 1970 Harry Nilsson hit "Without You," a song with lyrics that make him cry as he thinks of his family ...

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No flaming pianos, no heavy metal last night for James Durbin on American Idol. Just a stirring take on the Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Tomorrow."

The audience went bonkers. They will indeed love him today.

"Carole King and James Durbin were made to come together," says coach Jimmy Iovine, adding that "James is 100 percent a child of rock 'n' roll."

That's extremely high praise, but not altogether unwarranted. Watch him sing the tune in a cappella, then build up to a terrific finish below ...

We said that James is the man to beat yesterday, and this isn't about to change our minds. But, as always, it all comes down to voter turnout.

Follow the jump for Durbin's duet with Jacob Lusk ...

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The Voice premiere was fun, but it's back to business on Fox tonight.

With the top six on tap to perform tonight, THG's American Idol Power Rankings break down who we like this week and who we think is likely to go home.

Of course, who we think leads and lags means little in the end (we called Stefano, but that was easy), but it's fun to try our hand at predicting the show.

Take a look at how we size up the field and see if you agree:

Heating Up Idol

Can anyone match the fire of James Durbin?

1. James Durbin. Week in and week out he strikes us as the best. Then again, so did Adam Lambert, and he lost the title in a shocker. So no guarantees.

2. Lauren Alaina. The anti-girl bias is working hard against her, but she's shown no signs of fading and giving fans a reason to kick her out. Thus far.

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Last night on American Idol, James Durbin covered Muse, conjuring up images of Adam Lambert a few seasons ago. Durbin's song choice: "Uprising."

"I haven't gotten to show that I can be contemporary," he said, hoping to escape the metal/hard rock label. Suffice it to say, it worked and then some.

He's sounded better in the past. But he probably hasn't looked better.

The drums, the spinning cameras, the flashing lights and, of course, James' natural feel for performing sent the crowd and judges into hysterics.

After praising his cover of the Matthew Bellamy-led band, Steven made a crack about Durbin's wardrobe, telling James to stay out of his closet.

You are probably looking at the man to beat on American Idol ...

Who do you think was the best on American Idol? Vote:

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