Pia Toscano is a Murderer on American Idol

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Pia Toscano murdered Tina Turner's classic "River Deep, Mountain High" on American Idol last night. That's meant as praise by Steven Tyler - she rocked!

"Murderer! Murderer! You killed it!" Steven says.

Not to be confused with butchering it, which would imply a poor effort, Pia Toscano absolutely killed. Her inspiration for taking a page out of Tina's book?

"I want to shock everybody," she says, "'cause I've been doing the whole ballad thing."

Safe to say she succeeded in the best way with a powerful, self-assured, uptempo rendition. It was just a winning performance from a pro all around:

"I'm going to keep pushing you," J-Lo said, saying she still must continue to do better. "You are spectacular, but just keeping studying, keep researching."

If that's the worst criticism lobbed at you, you're doing awfully well.


i am totally disgusted with American Idol disaster. The first mistakes was to send Pia off the show. I do not believe that this competition is soley based on public votes, and if it is why do you need those half witted judges there.? There is always a trick being played in all these things. The ones that should be sent home are able to stay and your real gifted singers are being left out. there is a difference in a natural
talented singer than everyday good singers, and your best of best singers on the show was Pia and of course Jacob. They should have been the ones to last until the end to compete against each other. One thing for sure, I am not watching the show anymore. It is over for me in fact I haven't found anyone who said that they will watch the show, they're response to me is "HELL No" I believe your show has lost a lot of ratings.


First of all, Pia is ready for the world and to represent and I, too agree not only is she the next American Idol, she can be the next Miss America. She has such poise. It was time for her to continue the beginning of her music career. Pia is the real American Idol. I do not believe the selection is totally based on the callers vote. The callers are needed to keep the show on air this is how they make their money. Secondly, I would like to see judges of TRUE caliber who are real singers not WANNABEES... Jennifer cannot sing...it's awful that she learns scripts to critique anyone nor is she a musician. I never knew Randy until American Idol was aired. Does he sing? As for Tyler, he truly understands that all of the contestants are truly great due to his career in music.


There is something very wrong with the voting on American Idol. I am inclined to believe that the voting may be fixed. There is no way that I am going to believe that Pia got fewer votes than anyone else. She was, and is, so much better than any contestant on the show that it is obvious to anyone who knows anything about music and singing. I believe an investigation should happen and see that the problem is fixed. I'm very disappointed with American Idol. I don't think I will participate anymore.


I didn't vote for Pia. I remembered Jimmy Lovine reminding her that she was supposed to connect with the song emotionally "Remember, you're pissed off!" and not stand still while she was singing or she would kill it. So I watched for that and that's exactly what she did. She stood perfectly still through the first half, then carefully did a walk around the judge's table and came back. Her performance just fell flat.
Someone singing Tina Turner has to have at least the same chops, personality and animation or they should forget about it and choose another song. Pia had the chops but not the rest.


Pia deserves to stay in american idol..she feels her emotions..she sang very beautifully,she deserves to stay..!:'(


The AI voting system is screwed up because I tried to text a vote for Paul,who is my favorite(though I also like Lauren & Pia). When I did, I received a conformation text telling me I voted for Thea. Then the next week I text voted for Paul again & the confirmation text said thanks for voting for Niema. I know I did it right so what the heck? How many unintended votes did the contestents get this way? I don't know who to complain to about this. Also, I was appalled to see the judges use the save so early, it was predictable this would happen that one of the more talented singers would get voted out before their time. Its partly the judges fault for this reason & also because their not giving out good criticisms to say, Hailey for that hideous "growl" she overuses in every word of the song. Or to Jacob who overdramaticises every song(although he did better with Man In The Mirror).


their bring in song writters in asap and will have a record out asap. thats what i read. its on www pia tascano idol.


i'm not going to watch either.


i just read pia has a record deal with interscope jimmy lovine signed her up on friday. so there all you pia haters


all you bitches out there who didnt vote for PIA you guys are all fuckin dicks and knickers!!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK IM DONE WITH THIS AMERICAN IDOL SHIT!!! Im not wacthing anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOve,
Sweetgirl37....also known as Stephanie!

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